Saturday, April 10, 2010

When You Find the One You Just Know

      Now that you know we have a happily ever after I thought I'd go back and share a little about the journey to this point. So they say when you've found the one you'll just know. I have to say that about three years ago I was seriously doubting that I would KNOW if I had the right guy unless he had a large neon sign. You all know that I met J while line dancing. Neither of us left the bar that night KNOWING what was in store, but there was a night not long after that we both realized it was going to be something different.
       J had been invited over to my close friend's house for a cook out and to hang out. He also happened to be about 45 minutes later than he said he would be (I hate to be late!). I seriously worried for a little bit that he would not be coming and had had enough of hanging out with me with my friends. He finally showed much to my relief (I hadn't scared him off yet) and as always was a great participant.  After dinner and hanging out we decided to head over to Nyoh's for a little bit to line dance. J came with me so that we could ride together (ie he could drive so that I could have a drink or two).
     Since I was wearing shorts and t-shirt I decided to go home to change my clothes. He waited patiently in the living room and admired my cousin's decorating (he loves the western/rustic theme) while I changed. It just so happened that my friend had given me this sort of chain letter type bread mix that had to be mixed and shaken twice each day. For some reason I felt that right before walking out the door was the appropriate time to do this. Wrong, the ziplock back did not like being turned upside down and the entirety of it's contents spilled on my computer keyboard, desk and was dripping towards the floor! J quickly helped me use some towels to clean up the mess. All I could think was this guy must think I am a total scatter brain. J noticed all the pictures of my family on my wall and talked to me briefly about them. It was about that point that he kissed me! It was the perfect first kiss not too sudden and akward and not too much. (stomach butterflies!) We then left the apartment and went to Nyohs.
     When we got to Nyoh's there weren't many others there, so after talking with friends for a bit we all left and went home. J drove me back to my apartment and once we got out of the truck I didn't really want him to leave.... so we stood there leaning against his truck and talked.... and talked... and talked. We talked until 4 am! We talked about just about everything and I got to hug him 5 times, and he kissed my forehead about 4 times, I also stepped on his toes 7 times (he learned early I'm not graceful). I was a little anxious about whether or not he would try to kiss me again or if I was supposed to try to kiss him but didn't want him to think that was all there was to this. I am fairly certain that at several points I was not fully awake but remember thinking that I could see myself staying with this guy. I also got a  sharp pain in my neck trying to look up at him while we were talking... he is so tall. Somehow we finally said goodnight and although I was incredibly tired I bounced up the stairs and into my room. I am not sure how J made the 15 minute drive home without falling asleep because as soon as I got in bed I was out.
This picture was taken much later but I like it so much and it was at Nyoh's!
When did you know? Or if you haven't found your one what do you think it will take for you to "know" or do you even believe in that?

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