Sunday, January 22, 2012

100 by 30 Goals Update

    I have been moving a bit slower than I had hoped with my goals, but here is where I'm at...
12. Dress up and go on a date with Jim-  We went to see Les Miserables at the Kennedy Center while we were in D.C.
19. Be able to identify 2 constellations (besides the dippers)(1/2)- I am able to clearly identify Orion from our porch but haven't had much luck with any others.... it is a little harder with all the street lights around here.
40. Go to 10 Festivals (1/10)- Jim and I went to the Greek festival in September.
51. Visit 10 Museums (4/10)- While in D.C. Jim and I went to  American History, Natural History, Smithsonian Castle,  Air and Space
53. Take multivitamin every day for 1 month- I am taking prenatal vitamins and that counts.
65. Go to Brookgreen Gardens- I went to the Nights of a Thousand Lights display in December with my friend Jessica. (I highly suggest going to this it is only at Christmas and is so beautiful).
 75. Try 36 new recipes (2/36)- I made an apple pie, and some sort of casserole...but for the life of me I can't remember anything except that we liked it. :(
94. Increase my "library" (I aspire to have one as great as Thomas Jefferson) by 10 books. (5/10)

98. Have fresh flowers 6x (1/6)
99.Stop and cuddle with husband when he asks 1x/week.