Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movies, Movies, Movies

I talked before about how I don't usually make Jim sit through the chick flicks with me (he would, we just see mutually enjoyable movies). Last weekend Jim went to Florida for Combat Challenge Nationals so I had control of the remote for four whole days! I decided to take advantage of that and watch a few of the movies I had been wanting to see, if they were in the Red Box. This quickly led to a movie week! I am quite happy with all the movies I got to see.
The first I chose was Letters to Juliet. I was a little afraid this would be horribly corny or just way too over the top but I really thought it was a great movie. One that I would see again or buy. It is a cute story with an amazing setting (I would love to go to Europe and travel all over and eat amazing food!).
After the success of the first movie I was bravely confident about trying another movie I had been skeptical about. When in Rome.... it was an okay movie but kinda reminded me of Failure to Launch with the one ruining element of just a bit too much of an unbelievable situation. Although it had a good underlying message and was not intolerable.

I rounded out the weekend by watching Date Night again... Jim and I saw that at the theater and LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it! I cracked up just as much this time as before. Although I think it may make me feel old that I can relate with some things the couple felt :"You never, never ever close any drawers you open, never!". My husband seems to be unable to put food or drink items back in the fridge or cupboard! I also caught Pretty Woman on tv... Julia Roberts is awesome!
Once Jim got home it was back to the manly man movies again and we rented and watched Robin Hood which was great. I like that it shows you how/why Robin Hood began stealing from the rich to give to the poor and why he was so hated by the king.

The other night we rented The Blind Side... again this is one we have seen before but it is such a great movie it is worth watching again. Sandra Bullock much like Julia Roberts is timeless and amazing in almost every role she plays (and neither of them seem to age either... please God can I age half as gracefully as they have? :D)

Jim took me on a date night to watch a movie I have been talking about. Life as We Know It. I like Katherine Heigl's movies and Josh Duhamel seems to be popping up in a lot of movies lately. Although the premise of this is sad it is a good... "Life isn't a fairytale love story". I would watch this again too!
Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think? Any suggestions on what other movies we/I should watch?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Combat Challenge Nationals 2010

I just wanted to share this with you it is Jim's individual run from Nationals this past weekend. The video was actually taken and posted on YouTube by Joey Jones who Jim was competing against so a few times you cannot see Jim. Jim is on the right or red side. Thought you might enjoy. This is Jim's fastest time in a competition so far! We are getting very excited about Worlds in two weeks!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picture Wall

So one of the projects I have been trying to put together is a Family Picture Wall. I would like for it to have as many pictures of the different family groups as possible. I already have a great big photo collage of our wedding day in the large multiple opening frame shown here. I have been waiting to get more frames for the second hallway wall.

Here are the other two we registered for and received. I already have more wedding pictures in one but those will become our family members.

I also found these at Kohls last night and thought they would go well with the wooden frames. There are a few more sizes that I want as well.
I am probably all excited about this because of our recent family photo shoot with Jody.  I'll have to update you all once it is more complete. I love seeing pictures of you all since we don't get to see you in person nearly enough. So all family members this is your call to e-mail us a group/family picture to add to our wall. I may have to search for other frames that coordinate.
Do you have a family photo wall? Are they individual or group photos? Do all your frames matching or are they different? How are they laid out?

Monday, October 18, 2010


I know I put the cart in front of the horse and already blogged about Christmas decorations.... but I was waiting until we carved our pumpkins. Last year we had so much fun making these. Jim did the monster, I the cat, and we did the Trick or Treat together.

We stopped by Home Depot... but they didn't have the "perfect" pumpkin.

So we went to the Surfside United Methodist Church to check out their pumpkin patch. They had a large variety in all shapes and sizes, even white, black, and lumpy ones. But still they were not what we had in mind.

They do have a great pumpkin sign/tunnel that they put out every year.

So on the way home we stopped by Lowe's. Can you guess which pumpkin in this box I wanted?

Yep, the one on the VERY bottom.... luckily I have a tall and willing husband to dig it out for me.

But when the others were moved we noticed it was a bit messed up on one side... so I spotted this one (in the back corner with the sticker showing). And yes it was under all the pumpkins Jim had JUST moved to get to the other pumpkin. We got a good laugh out of that, I am so thankful to have a husband who is amused by picky tendencies rather than annoyed.

See just look how perfect that pumpkin is!

I even loved the stem! It is hard to find a perfect pumpkin that still has a great stem.

The finished product! For those of you who were guessing on facebook Jim did the bat and I the spider. I do not care for scary/mean Halloween decorations and this spider looked nice not scary for me.

We also got this Halloween flag. Snoopy is popular in our house.

Here are our pumpkins with my mums in the daylight! So cute!

My door sign. I got it at Home Goods two years ago after Halloween on sale and when I was in Home Goods this year I saw one similar and couldn't remember if I had actually gotten this sign before but remembered I liked it and had to double check (at least I know I like it).

And then there's our Frankenbeagle. I told you we like Snoopy!

My birthday placemat and pumpkin candles (that never get burned) from Pottery Barn!

What are your favorite Halloween decorations? Do you like scary or cute?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Team Horry Heart Walk

Jim and I had a very busy day Saturday. Team Horry walked in the Heart Walk at Market Commons bright and early.  Mike Medeiros a team member and Wellness Coordinator for HCFR is great at promoting fitness and health especially as it pertains to firemen and keeping them healthy and safe for their job. That is after all the point of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, it is not only a chance for the team members to stay active and compete but drives them to continue to improve skills that are job related. The actual combat challenge course is a derivative of the JRAT fitness test that each fireman must complete each year (Click here to see a description of what the Combat Challenge course includes). The leading cause of death in firemen is heart attack.

Mike received an award on behalf of Horry County for being a second year platinum supporter along with several other local companies and businesses.
Here are the guys getting into gear and getting ready for the walk.

Team Horry before beginning the Heart Walk.
Team Horry with the clown from the Heart Walk.
And they're off! The guys got many comments and much support from their fellow walkers who noticed how much more difficult it must be to be doing the 3 mile walk in full gear and on air!

I was touched by the Heart Walk Memorial Wall... what a great way to honor those who inspire a search for better treatment/prevention. Kind of felt appropriate being 30 years and 1 day since my family lost my Grandma Ruby to a heart attack. Makes me grateful that there has been so much improvement in treatment so that my Dad, Aunt, and Grandpa were able to survive. Maybe someday they'll be able to treat the genetic predisposition to cholesterol build up and be able to complete operations in a  less invasive manner.

Near the end of the three mile walk.

Crossing the finish line!

It may not be what I am used to but this is still my favorite face in there somewhere!

Team Horry with their junior member. Great job guys!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In My 26th Year

So in taking from my birthday twin's blog I have made a list (big shocker) of  things I would like to do before I turn 27.
  1. I would like to wear more pretty clothes. Here are a few examples of what I would like... I really love everything "Holly" in P.S. I Love You wears.

  1. Watch all the girly movies I have been avoiding. I never want to torture Jim with all the chick flicks so I put off watching them and then they aren't in the theater any more and you have to wait forever before they are on DVD and by then I forget.  So I want to catch up on the movies I've missed and resolve to pick the chick flick more often (sorry J). My list to so far is Letters to Juliet, Eat Pray Love, Life as We Know It, Easy A. That is all I can think of for now but I am sure as I troll the redbox I'll find others. :D
  2. Finish some of these craft projects that I have started. I have about 6 started right now and 3 3/4 of the way finished. Can anyone tell me how to cast off when knitting?
  3. Take a painting class. I enjoy painting and have bought a bunch of books and self taught a few things but would really like to take a class.
  4. Lose weight.... self explanitory. Doesn't everyone?
  5. Run a 5k... should check that one off in November.
  6. Take a trip with the hubby. We have been talking about visiting several places. NYC, Washington D.C. , Chicago, Baltimore, Hilton Head (or some beautiful beach).
  7. Be more confident when home alone while Jim is working. A few weeks ago I had to drive at night and realized that I hadn't driven out of our little suburb after dark in I couldn't remember how long.
  8. Learn to cook a wider variety of foods. I have been stuck with the same little menu for too long. I am sure Jim won't mind taste testing my new attempts! Any suggestions on where to find recipies that don't need 50 ingredients also preferably not too much time (1 hr or less unless it is a weekend)?
  9. Go to the beach more. We live here why shouldn't I? Now that it is cooler I think it would be a great place for weekend walks with Tucker.
  10. Go to some sort of wine or food tasting. I would love to learn more about different foods or wines. I was visiting Whole Foods once during a food/wine tasting and was sad that I was unable to participate.
Any helpful suggestions? So what are your goals?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Holidays are Coming

I know that it isn't even Halloween yet but by now you all know about my obsession with Pottery Barn right? Yea... love, love, love them! Now I will admit that I RARELY buy anything there full price. I prefer to wait for the end of the season or last season's sales so that I can have the items I love at a price I am not ashamed to admit to Jim. Plus then I am super excited the following year when I get to put out my new Pottery Barn stuff! I also signed up to receive e-mail notifications about sales and specials. Last year I "splurged" and got us the stockings I had been drooling over for at least two years. I got them on sale, free monogramming, and free shipping! Our set up looks exactly like this as I got Jim and I the large stockings and Tucker and Scarlet the smaller stockings (No worries Aunt Chelle these will never replace the homemade one just hold the place since I don't think mom is ready to give it up quite yet).

I would also love to have the matching tree skirt but it never quite goes on sale enough.... but I do have a  remaining gift card from the wedding that I have been holding out on spending for just the right thing.

I like the stocking holders as well.

And how cute/perfect is this pillow? It matches my current living room colors as well!

Their vase fillers are also an item I tend to lean towards... they always go on great sale at the end of the season. I already have mini ornaments but think that either of these star vase fillers would look good... depending on if I go for shiny/flashy or vintage/cozy. What do you think.

And I love love LOVE these ornaments! I like that they look like they have been around forever and have character. Another item I'll be looking at after Christmas.

How cute is this snowman?!?

Do you have the Pottery Barn bug too or is there a store you can't help but drool over thier catalog? Do you splurge on favorite items or wait for them to go on sale?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Cat is Killing My Style

One of my favorite features of our apartment is this great window that is over our "Office Nook". Why do I like it so much you may wonder? Well... it gives me the opportunity to search for the perfect accessory for each season which in my mind is two fold 1) It is fun and gives me something to look forward to for each holiday/season and 2) It blocks a little bit of the window in case there were ever a creeper trying to look in (paranoid I know but hey that's me). So far I have a snowflake for winter/Christmas, an egg wreath for spring/Easter and an orange and red berry wreath for fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving.
The problem arises from this also being one of our cat Scarlet's favorite features of our home as well. She likes to sit/lay up in that window and soak up the sun and see what is going on outside.
Scarlet enjoying her window perch.
So my beautiful berry wreath evidently impedes on the area in which she is comfortable, I noticed at first a few bite marks in the berries. Tiny little teeth marks, now it has progressed into full on chunks and even entire branches of berries missing! This cannot be good for her digestive tract! I first moved the wreath up a few inches to hopefully get it out of her way... nope she kept eating them. Then I sprayed the entire wreath down with bitter spray that we have from when Tucker was a puppy.... nope she's still attacking my poor wreath!
Just take a look at what was left of some of my poor wreath!

I am openly not a cat expert. Scarlet is my first and was not a planned addition (she was tiny, cute, and had a limp). So please share your cat advice. Can my cat learn to live with my decor or am I now to curb it to only pet friendly (see also: things Scarlet can't eat/destroy)???