Saturday, April 3, 2010

1 Week Anniversary

As of today we have been married a whole week! Going back to work is not going to be easy after a week of getting to hang out and do whatever for a whole week. We got a lot accomplished, we legally changed my name on most necessary documents, bought new toys, went to the beach, ate great food, had pictures taken, played putt putt (J won) and have tried to get our home back in some sort of order ( I will probably be working on this more today). We get quite the kick out of calling each other "husband" or "wife" and staring at/taking pictures of our rings.

There were a few times during the engagement when I wondered if all the stress, time, and money was worth it. I was afraid that after all my building up and expectations would leave me sad or let down afterwards, you know those events that you look forward to for years and think will be life altering or defining and end up just being a ceremony that feels redundant (see also: turning 18, prom, graduations). I was also afraid that since I was doing a lot of the projects myself in order to attain my vision and maintain our budget that it may turn out looking like a three year old did most of the work. Although there were some minor speed bumps as a whole I could not have asked for anything more except that those who were unable to attend could have been there (Maybe a little more sleep the few days before).

I had expected to get nervous before but ended up just being impatient for things to start once I was ready. There are so many things that you expect to see and notice and I really didn't. I don't remember seeing anyone as I walked down the aisle, just not being able to stop smiling. At one point I made myself turn and look at everyone there supporting us and another to look at Jim in his tux instead of just his face, although it was my favorite part. Jim and I have joked repeatedly that we are going to need to ask Jamie for a copy of what he said as we only remember bits and pieces (I am so glad we didn't have to memorize our own vows). I lost all sense of time and thankfully instead of seeming like it flew by I thought it went at just the right pace, there was a good mix of seeing family and holding Jim's hand, dancing, and talking. Not everything went exactly as planned but it all worked out so well, we had such a great time, and now I'm married to my best friend! We are looking forward to new adventures and as always I have big plans. I hope to keep you all updated with photos from my new camera and this blog!


  1. Love love LOVE! It's so funny because every bride says the SAME thing. I do not remember anyone else as I was walking down the isle. I just remember seeing John's face and smiling the whole way down. I was practically dragging my dad because I wanted to hurry up and get to the alter.

  2. I didn't have any trouble walking slow enough... or not that I realized. I was trying not to break an ankle with my heels sinking into the grass. Opps!