Monday, July 25, 2011

Familycation 2011

I wrote this post June 25th and haven't really been on here since then but felt it would be a shame not to share this.....

It has been about a week since my family left and traveled back to Ohio. While it was difficult to see them leave I have been comforted by the many happy memories that were made in the week they were here. We celebrated two birthdays. Including my Aunt Chelle which we toasted with a delicious dinner of fresh fish and shrimp. Then my baby sister Katy turned 18 which we rung in appropriately at Senor Frogs with silly hats, games, and even some karaoke.
 We also enjoyed a few evenings at Broadway at the Beach which starred a Dragon and fireworks. (Umm have you heard of Tervis? They have a store at Broadway at the Beach and they are the best cups EVER!! They in no way compensated me for saying that either.)
We also spent quite a bit of time in and at the ocean. Hopping, riding, or being pushed around in the waves, searching for shells and small sea creatures.
 Maybe most impressive of all is that with a house full of people... including 5 teenagers, it was a drama free week.

My favorite part of the week is not shown in pictures, but memories playing in head. Aunt Bethy working on a knitting project. Uncle Bruce's enthusiasm for all things beach . Just Dance on the Wii . The Big Girls bonding. Hearing the Little Girls thought process on all things. Watching Uncle Buzzy with the Little Girls and he is exactly the same as I remember him when I was little. Aunt Chelle providing a craft for all the girls as always. Watching Arielle as a mom to two teenagers and two girls on the verge of being teenagers. Hearing stories about my Grandma and when my dad and his siblings were younger. And possibly my favorites were watching Jim really mesh with everyone.

Sometimes I feel like so much changes in between visits with family and I feel like I am missing out on so much but I also saw somethings are always the same. My dad and his siblings still have the same quiet ornery smiles. Conversations with my Aunt Beth and Aunt Chelle. Aunt Beth up to her usual orneriness. Uncle Buzzy's deep laugh and bear hugs and Aunt Chelle's giggle and sweet hugs. Uncle Bruce is ever the sensitive and thoughtful one, happy to share stories, pictures, and ideas on his upcoming project. Mom organizing and making sure things are sorted, and making sure I have completed all my commitments and giving suggestions and advice. Dad is still the perfect height for hugs and putting my head on his shoulder.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scarlet the Pretender

It has been no secret that Scarlet is not as sweet and innocent as she appears. See that cute little face? Yea she is probably up to something.
 We know she likes to attack my sandals. Doesn't matter the type just mine never Jim's.
 We know she likes to attack and chew on hair (even Katy's)
 We know she likes to attack my wreaths/decorations if they are in/on her window perch.
 But usually when I come home either to stop by for lunch or at the end of the day she is always laying somewhere sleeping soundly... giving one the impression she spends her days doing nothing but sleeping.
 During my cleaning this weekend I realized that whole sleeping thing is an act.... because I realized that the 40 million tiny little nose prints on every window could not have happened in the amount of time we are home. I am thinking she must spend her days running around leaving these tiny nose prints while laughing about how I will be cleaning them later and then when she hears the door pretending she was sleeping.
 Oh and I have also decided that tiny sweet nose must be covered in super glue because it puts up quite the fight against windex and paper towels!
 I also found she  had nearly knocked on of my vases off the shelf above the tv... how she even got up there or fit on the thin ledge I have no idea.