Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Not So Exciting Adventures

    So now we are into the not so exciting part of being a married couple. Gifts and cards have stopped arriving (Although I have a package coming from Pottery Barn with my gift card purchases!) This Tuesday I started back to work and it doesn't seem like I ever left or caught up! We changed bank accounts, more name changes & beneficiary changes (sorry parents you are no longer getting the money if one of us dies). All very thrilling things let me tell you, and Jim had one form... I have to have my marriage certificate, ID, plus forms! Talk about things that are easier for men!
    Since both of our parents had gotten food and supplies that they did not want to take home we had not yet had to do any grocery shopping since the wedding. Last night as we ate our poorly thrown together dinner (different things for each of us) we realized it was time to do the dreaded food shop. We did however get ourselves a membership to Sams Club before the wedding to enable me to order our flowers in bulk (we made all the bouquets and flower centerpieces!) so we decided to do our first shop in bulk. We were pretty much out of everything so we decided to do that before we were tempted to hit up the little stores to buy the things that are a better deal there. We were able to get almost everything on our list (and a few extras) except fresh veggies and dog food. We got to go up and down most of the aisles to check out what all they have for future reference. By the end we were so sick of weaving around people(we will in the future go at a less congested time/day) and pushing a massive oversized cart. Okay maybe that was me, they don't turn as well when they have huge bags of kitty litter on the bottom. Now I know why my mom never wanted me to ride on the front of her cart.
   So we headed to Target where we picked up dog food for Tucker & Scarlet (yes our cat eats dog food, we tried to feed her cat food, the vet says its fine & she hasn't barked yet), some thank you cards, and we were done, veggies will have to wait for another day. Once we got home and unloaded our giant sized purchases (& briefly joked about feeling small when using the large shampoo & conditioner).  I had finally talked J into addressing the cards when he got a call into work..... sitting here now I remember that the iphone has an application that allows you to call fake call yourself. Hmmmm....
     Other than that we are just battling the insane pollen that occurs this time of year. No joke a blanket of yellow on everything (that is not dirt on my car that is pollen!). My first spring here I could not figure out where it was coming from since I didn't park under a tree... no need it covers EVERYTHING. Literally you can see a layer of it on pavement and all. Just waiting on the first big rain to wash it away and with the recent rise in humidity (I can tell b/c my hair is curling like crazy) that will hopefully come soon. I am done with allergies both mine and the children I work with. Poor little kiddos sneezing, red eyes, and snot all over the place. Although I am now unconsciously aware of the different colors clear= okay just allergies, greenish-yellow= now that's a cold and I don't want it! I also find myself noting raspy breathing and the sounds of a cough. (I love my kids but fear their germs!)

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