Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Weatherman

     As many women I have difficulty deciding what to wear in the morning... however; unlike other women my problem does not stem (entirely) from not being able to choose between outfits but rather because I have never been good at dressing appropriately for the weather. When I was in middle and high school my dad would let me know what the weather would be like and what type of clothing that related to, he eventually was even able to modify it to my low tolerance of being cold. As you can imagine this did not work very well when I left to go to college. With Ohio's crazy weather and entering and exiting buildings dressing in layers was completely acceptable and necessary. I was NOT prepared for the more consistent yet ever changing South Carolina weather. Here instead of fluctuating a million times each day the fluctuation happens throughout the week or month but holds steady for the day. No more can I leave the house in a hurry, forget my jacket and count on it to warm up... it doesn't happen people! So if I make a wardrobe mistake I am stuck freezing or sweating it out all day :(
    So one of the things I was most excited about registering for was the Weather Channel Weatherman! This little gadget is like my dad in compact electronic form! It gives you the indoor & outdoor temperatures, time, date, sunrise & sunset times, & probably a million more things that I don't know about. It's best feature is it has a little picture of a man who shows you what the appropriate attire for the weather should be! He literally has outfits ranging from swim trunks and a beach chair to winter coat, hat, and scarf! Tell me this was not made just for me! So this was one of the first items to come off of our registry, I  bounced with excitement when I saw that it was "fulfilled". I convinced myself my dad must have gotten it for me as a birthday present.... but my birthday came and went and it didn't arrive. We moved apartments so I double checked that I had updated our address on the registry and worried that maybe I didn't update it in time and my weatherman was out there somewhere in registry gift limbo, I've heard the horror stories (I also temporarily considered not moving before the wedding due to this). Time went on, Christmas & my bridal shower came and went... no weather man. Maybe someone got it and returned it or canceled their order... would the registry update something like that?! With all the wedding craziness (yes, craziness... planning a wedding with no one to help within 10 hours except the groom is not something I would recommend, I love you J you were a big help but I needed a girl) I forgot about my weatherman for a moment. But then... on Sunday when opening gifts with our parents... there it was! YEAY! No seriously I think I may have squealed. It has a monitor (not sure of the technical term) that is mounted outside that receives updates from The Weather Channel (or whoever) and also relays the outdoor temperatures and conditions to the indoor monitor/display. I haven't figured it all out ( I need my dad or J to look at it, program it, and educate me)... but I LOVE it. Now if I could just get apple to start allowing you to sort and listen to songs based on their tempo all of my electronic wishes will have been fulfilled!


  1. How funny...Mom & Scott have one of these in your kitchen!! LOL

  2. I LOVE it! Makes chosing clothing easier... then if I am wrong it isn't my fault. I can blame the weatherman, but so far so good!