Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Signs of spring

The weather lately has been consistantly beautiful! I am so glad we are done with the roller coaster weather, although I am not looking forward to the insane humidity and returning to my car after a visit and being knocked back by the heat escaping my car. Anyways with spring and warmer weather comes so many great things, long car rides with the windows down, trips to the beach, and the influx of animals that have been laying low all winter. This influx has brought something new this year with living in a new apartment. Our apartment has a lovely view of a pond behind our house that is teeming with wildlife. We have seen many ducks, a crane or two, two turtles, some tiny fish, and as of late mass amounts of frogs. The other night when I came home I about tripped on several that were lingering in the hallway. This influx now happens every night and they make enough noise to drown out any passing traffic. Now these are nothing compared to the very large frog that greeted us when we moved in.

   There was also the egg coloring for Easter! Which always reminds me of family egg hunts at my grandma Mc's house and searching the house for where the Easter bunny hid my basket. Jim and I colored eggs when he got home on Sunday... I had picked up two egg coloring kits. One normal one by Duddley and a glitter paint one by Paas (I recommend the Duddley brand as it had a lot more fun stuff including the wax crayon). Since the glitter one had paint only we dipped the eggs in colors and then painted them and added glitter (okay only I added glitter but I handed them to Jim when I was done to have him put them in the drying container).

   Jim and I took a couple of trips to the beach to hang out. Soak up some vitamin sunshine and search for shells. The water was a bit too cool for much water play (although now that it has been in the 80's and humid I am crossing my fingers for a beach trip this weekend and hopefully getting in the water). And last but not least a picture of Scarlet soaking up some sunshine & fresh air just because she's so cute! What are your favorite signs of spring?


  1. Tulips! My Ohio State bed is starting to bloom with white and red tulips. Oh, and having the windows up :) Enjoy your weekend together, Edbrookes!

  2. I can't wait to have a house and be able to plant flowers... although I am not very good at keeping the ones in pots alive. Lets hope that once they are planted they aren't as hard to maintain!