Sunday, April 25, 2010

Date Day

   Since we haven't done much of anything exciting lately we decided today was the day for an outing! We went for a quick lunch and then headed over to see the new boardwalk!
This is at the center looking south.

And at the north end looking at the pier.

As promised the new camera = more pics of us together.

After the boardwalk we stopped and had ice cream at Kirks on 25th and then went to Barefoot Landing. There we walked around and searched for animals more than looking at the shops. And there was a lot...

Make way for ducklings! We had to make sure we fed them. By the way ever noticed that the duck food there is insanely over priced. At Broadway it is only twenty-five cents per handful at Barefoot Landing it is fifty cents per handful. Jim at this point was officially on an alligator hunt.

There were many turtles all over the place and they were quite aggressive even with the HUGE catfish. Still no alligator yet. Although Jim thought every stick that stuck out of the water was cause for a pause and further inspection.

They have a display of tigers. You can have your pictures taken with them for a hefty price. This helps fund their habitat that they go home to and where they spend most of their time. They are using the proceeds to benefit many wildlife projects. The tigers layed around for the longest time then the one got up and began "following" a little girl as she walked back and forth in front of the window. We thought maybe it was the pink.... until a second couple walked up with kids and they were attracted to those children as well. Good thing for the glass... I think it may have been time for kitty lunch. In this picture the white lion went up to the resting red tiger and swatted at him. It was cute to see them do things similar to things Scarlet does. Then seeing their paw size... I don't think Tucker would like that play as much.

At last the elusive alligator. Jim spotted this just past where some turtles were relaxing on a patch of dirt. We finished the night with a trip to the mall. For the perfect finish Jim made burritos!


  1. Yum...Kirk's Ice Cream!!! where is the boardwalk located? I don't recall ever seeing one @ MB.

  2. It currently runs from 14th to fourth ave. It was just completed and actually was done ahead of schedule. It is one of the projects they are doing in effort to renew the area after the loss of the Pavilion