Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Great Gift

   Remember when I told you about my Weatherman? Yea, still LOVE that thing but thought I would tell you about another interesting item we got. This one was purchased by J with some gift cards that we got. We were at Kohls to look for something so we decided to check out the house stuff section since we had some gift cards from the recent bridal shower. While looking around Jim found a shower radio made by Sharper Image.
     J was actually excited about this & really wanted it. I know this because he began justifying the reasons we should have this to me. Now if your husband/boyfriend/fiance is anything like mine you know that excitement while shopping is rare, (unless we are at Bass Pro Shop) so of course I agreed. I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work in the shower or how long it would hold itself to the shower wall. It has become one of my favorite things. You just put your MP3 player on the dock that sits on your bathroom counter. The fog free part doesn't really last but you can wipe it off easy & I read somewhere if you put a little shampoo on the mirror it helps. It also has a digital clock so if you are on a time crunch it reminds you when you've become too distracted by the music. I even keep it on when I am drying my hair and putting on makeup so that my other ipod dock can stay in the kitchen. The only other thing I think this needs is a waterproof remote or button to allow you to skip through songs without exiting the shower.
     Hopefully soon I'll be able to show you what we're doing with all those picture frames from Pottery Barn (Seriously can I just have the whole catalog?!).  But I am patiently awaiting the arrival of our wedding pictures.... who am I kidding I go to the mail box each day hopeful. Have you looked at our pictures yet on David's Wedding Photography? I LOVE THE PICTURES & can't wait to see the rest. Our home may double as a gallery for them for awhile. There are some in both the blog and featured galleries (p.s. I have the song on their website memorized now! Tell me it's not one that sticks in your head).


  1. i love your blog. and thank you so much for fixing the comment part... could not get on the other way

  2. enjoy your blog lyndz i was one of the nut cases who could not get on for comment. thanks