Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fur Babies!

    Since the wedding and staycation are over there hasn't been a whole lot of exciting stuff going on here in our house. We have done some rearranging of furniture and hanging of pictures, but there is more to do and I have another blog planned about that. I thought I would take this down time to share a little bit about our fur babies!
  We have a three year old cocker spaniel named Tucker Ledeux who thinks he is a human and is a big baby (by choice, I know it's my fault).  We had wanted to name him Ledeux at first but that was difficult to call or yell and the only shortened version we could think of was Dewy which didn't work for us. Tucker has always been a cuddler, was instantly attached, and despite our lack of training is an amazingly well behaved dog. We are most proud that he can go for a walk without a leash and he stays with us. He is however becoming more and more territorial. He used to never bark at all and now if people walk past our house the walking path outside he will race to the edge of the pond to let them know this is his space, he'll also bark at them from any window if he is stuck inside. And heaven forbid anyone knock on our door! If he is out for a walk he is super friendly to both people and other animals thankfully. He's also quite the ham and sits and poses for pictures!
     Our newest addition is named Scarlet. My boss had found her outside one of the homes of a family she was seeing and took pity on her and brought her to the office.
Isn't she just so cute? Tell me how you could not take that home. Poor thing was covered in fleas, had one tick, and limped when she walked (right hind leg) and was only around 7 weeks old. We had a lot of worries early on about whether or not she would make it. She originally did not care much for Tucker but he is a sweet puppy and she quickly became ruler of our house. We had originally named her Belle (this was my first female pet and I was channeling my inner 8 year old). "Belle" quickly proved she was not going to be a sweet little girly kitten, she climbed our shirts to sit on our shoulders (giving us lots of scratches), attacked any and all moving objects (including us), and wrestled and played with Tucker. We began searching for more appropriate name for her. With our OSU background we chose Scarlet which is shortened to Scar for all the scars she has given us! While she and Tucker are now pretty equal, at about 8:30-9 every night they chase each other around for twenty minutes to a half hour, she is definitely a cat and does things in her time and her way. 

Scarlet laying in her favorite napping spot.
Tucker enjoying a car ride!

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