Thursday, April 15, 2010

Team Horry

      It is that time again, my husband is a health food obsessed, work out crazed, pain and soreness ridden, only one topic to discuss Firefighter Combat Challenge team member.  I had briefly forgotten all the time and effort it involved...practices that started at 2 hours per day and became 3 or 4 hours closer to the world competition in Vegas last November, the inability to find a suitable cuddling position that did not induce pain due to soreness (I couldn't begin to count my lectures on ways to alleviate lactic acid build up). There are so many things I could complain about but after the first competition in Monroe, NC last year I understood. Well not completely but enough.
     I was fortunate enough to be able to take the three hour journey to the middle of nowhere NC with another firefighter wife & their daughter. What we thought was going to be a two and a half hour trip turned out to be three hours, not ideal with a toddler on board and a dying dvd player (honestly she was grumpy but I couldn't blame her I was done with it too) .  Oddly enough when it started raining the toddler was totally happy to talk about everything it was raining on, believe me I took notes for when we have toddlers on road trips. The next day we went to the course to watch the guys and sat through humid beating sun (there was no available shade) mixed with sudden down pours and avoiding red ants. The Team Horry guys did great and we were amazed to see the times of the teams get faster and faster as the day progressed. While it wasn't the most exciting trip I have ever taken, it was fun to get to see the guys compete & win!  There were several more competitions throughout the year. One here in MB which was great since there was no travel time. Another out of state where Team Horry won the team award and placed first, second, and third in the individual times (J won third). Then it was time for them to go to Vegas for the world competition. Unfortunately due to planning and paying for  a wedding I was unable to attend this year & J was gone for nine days! When J called he always had a lot of stories about who he'd met and what they had done. It was difficult for me to not be able to watch and see how he did and know immediately. Team Horry placed 9th... IN THE WORLD! :) 
     J took some time off with planning the wedding this year, which was quite the blessing because I think I would have lost my mind otherwise. He's back to practicing with the team again and although I remember the frustrations it's hard to not be excited for him. He has such fun going to practice and killer workouts, taunting each other, and the competitive spirit of the team. This year the world competition will be here in Myrtle Beach so I  won't miss out, although I am a little bummed I don't have a good excuse to go to Vegas. I may be a little biased but I think MB is the perfect place for worlds. I hope to be able to go to all of his competitions this year & hopefully celebrate a lot more wins!


  1. Ok, maybe not this year, but next year you will see us at World's! John is currently getting a team together and they are planning on training for next year's competition! So exciting! Hope to see y'all there :)

  2. Really?! What would stop you from attending this year? :) It will be nice to know more of the out of town teams! I am hoping to be more involved in supporting this year their capt. has some plans for the wives I think! Makes me feel like a soccer mom a little!