Monday, April 19, 2010

A Nice Sunday Drive

     This past Sunday Jim and I spent a nice relaxing day together. We woke up, ate breakfast, & sat around the house for a little bit. Eventually we ate lunch at Sam's Club (great prices for tons of food, perfect for my bottomless pit of a husband), walked around and looked at all the many house & garden things that I want so badly. After leaving Sam's we took a nice Sunday drive to look at all the houses so I can daydream about using those things I was drooling over at Sam's. We were out near Jim's station and stopped by to say "hi" and find out where a house was when a structure fire was toned out nearby. Of course we had to follow. On the way there Jim reassured me that he would stay in the truck and just watch with me.

 Once we got to the house there was a fully engulfed structure... I imagined the pouting look and disappointment (structure fires are rare luckily) and told Jim to go help (he just happened to have his gear in the truck). From the look on his face I knew that is what he was hoping for, although if I had asked he would have stayed. Of all days for me to not have my new camera (or Jim to have my old one) this was it... so I was stuck taking pics from where he parked the truck with his phone. I watched as the far away firemen fought the fire and squinted to try to see my blue helmeted man in action (medics wear blue helmets here). Bouncing back and forth between looking at the group in front of and behind the home I picked out one particularly tall fireman as Jim.  The best feeling had to be when I saw him walking back towards me huge smile on his dirty face. 

   We finished our drive and looked at enough houses to keep me planning for weeks, when we came home Jim made me homemade chicken nuggets (with my version of breading, this was of some debate). I think I may be able to pull the I waited for you to fight a fire card one more time... but I am saving it for requesting a chick flick on date night I think.... :)

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