Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Couldn't Wait Two More Weeks...

This past weekend I started working on one of my 100 by 30 goals.... I started working on my scrapbook. Probably didn't help that A.C. Moore had really cute Halloween scrabooking supplies on sale. I bought a few items and used it with things that I already had from my scrapbooking days (in high school). I am not as good as Megan at Above Rubies Studio. But I am happy with the outcome so far.
Pumpkin Carving 2009
 The Perfect Pumpkin Search 2010
JackOLanterns 2010.
I have kinda decided since I am behind several years it may be easier to scrapbook all of the same season/holiday at once, instead of trying to go chronologically forward or backwards.
The only down side to this is that I now feel like I need every possible scrapbooking supply available.... especially glue sticks ( I went through two in just these pages alone).
Do you scrapbook? What are your favorite brands, supplies? What about cute layouts/page designs?

Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Years Ago Today....

Ten years ago today we woke up a completely different Nation than we had been the morning before. Stunned in the face of the loss of so many innocent lives. Humbled by the heroics of everyday people. Decided on what must be done. 
In the coming days and months we would astonished as the details were discovered about how calculated those cowards had been. At how they had used and abused our willingness to let in and trust outsiders, at their misuse of our resources to train people for potential careers or hobbies, to allow them to share in the very freedoms that our ancestors fought and died for.
Until that day we did not know how truly evil people could be.
Never again will a plane crash be simply a plane crash, we will always question the nature of the crash. Never again will we be able to completely trust those who seek refuge in our great country, we will need to investigate any possible ulterior motives.
Never again will we feel the same sense of security, we no longer feel invincible but powerful that we must stand up against such injustices.
Never again will a Autumn season pass that we will not stop to remember our loss and commemorate the strength & sacrifice of those Heroes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cloudy Days

One of my favorite things about fall here in SC is the big fluffy clouds that often fill the crisp blue  sky. I enjoy the beams of sunshine that pierce through to make their way to earth.
 I want to capture all the beautiful colors reflected in the sky by the setting sun.
 My favorite are these fluffy pillow clouds that look as if you could hop from one cloud to the next.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

100 by 30

 With my 27th birthday coming up it was time to make another "I want to do" list. About the time I began thinking of what I may like to accomplish in the next year of my life one of the blogs I follow  (That Wife) talked about her 101 in 1001. I had never heard of it before but decided that 1001 days made sense as it gives a little more time to prep and prepare while still having a relatively short deadline. However with this being my 27th birthday there is a far more intimidating deadline looming in my future my 30th birthday. And while I am not worried or stressed about the new decade of my life that is quickly approaching, there are some things I would like to accomplish before then.
 My list (Click here to see my list) is comprised of a mixture of skills I would like to learn, challenges to push me, small things to remember to get the most out of life, and things that I have wanted but been putting off.
   Here are the details:

The Mission:  Complete 100 preset tasks between my 27th and 30th birthday.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks should also be both realistic and stretching.

Start Date: 9/25/2011
End Date: 9/25/2014

I will update the blog on my progress and the 100 by 30 page on the blog as I begin and complete tasks.

 What would be on your list?