Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adventures in Myrtle Beach


     In our first week as newlyweds we had a lot of fun adventures. Our first fun ( going to the socaial security office doesn't count, that was not fun) activity was a trip to Anderson Park where Jim proposed. While it was a beautiful sunny day it was cold due to some intense wind. And as we all know I do not tolerate the cold very well. We did snap some photos of ourselves and the spot where Jim proposed before retreating to the car in search of more warm activities, I distinctly remember feeling like he was never going to and I just wanted time to hurry up so I could be engaged and start planning
our wedding. Hard to believe it's been nine months We both had some
 purchases we were looking forward to making and set off to find the
 intended items.
   After some serious shopping we were STARVING and decided to try something neither of us had ever had before! Jim flipped a coin to decide where and then decided he would prefer the other option more so we ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise (their crabcake sandwiches= YUM!). There we briefly debated taking Molly the flamingo on our trash the dress shoot in an attempt to win a trip to Las Vegas... but decided against that as we didn't want her to steal the spot light.
   Later we went putt putting at Captain Hooks. On our first real date Jim had taken me putt putting and used the faulty course to get ahead and we ended up with a tie, it has been a rivalry since. We spent a lot of the waiting our turn taking the most random pictures and attempting to figure out the various functions of our new camera (unsuccessfully).I think we may have annoyed the couple in front of us with our photo
shoot and mass amounts of hugging, but hey this is our "honeymoon" we're allowed to hug in public! Ultimately Jim won, by a tiny margin of course (8 strokes). We got one of those coins that the machine presses flat and stamps an image on (I HAD to have one for our scrapbook, thank you J for allowing me these little things.).... I chose the "I love you" coin and needed two attmpts to figure out how to work the machine. So we came home with an "I love you" and a dinosaur (why not a pirate or ship I don't know, this was a Peter Pan themed putt putt course).  We headed home to watch a movie and get some much needed sleep, this would be the first of three nights that I fell asleep during the first 20 minutes of a movie, I think I may have been a bit tired.
    Next up we travel to Wilmington, NC for some sight seeing and our trash the dress shoot with David from David's Wedding Photography!

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