Friday, April 30, 2010

Movie Report

Sorry I haven't posted in a long while, things at work have been picking up and I am trying to keep up. We have another two day weekend together and the weatherman is promising warm weather so maybe a trip to the beach?!?! Please? :) Until then here's my review of our current favorite movie.

   I was slightly opposed to seeing this when I just saw the previews it looked like just another guy movie with way too much hype. On the advice of my then future mother-in-law I hesitantly agreed to see Avatar on the condition that J owed me a movie of my choice the next time. I LOVED IT! Great movie for men and women alike. There is a good flow and steady stream of interesting plot line. An even balance of action and heart warming culture to have you loving the natives of Pandora. I highly suggest seeing this. It is also worth seeing in theater as the 3D is pretty amazing and adds a lot to the experience. We have since gone to see it at the IMAX theater as well, while it was amazing I am not sure how much better it was than 3D at the other theater. I was however a bit distracted because a bug landed on me early on (I thought a kid threw popcorn at me at first) and was consumed with fear of more bugs... have you been in IMAX theaters? You can't just change chairs easily everyone is sitting close... seriously steep seating. I am happy to report there were no more bugs but it did diminish my experience. Although the older gentleman next to me was so cute to watch. He clapped, laughed, and responded at all the perfect moments! I love happy old people, I hope to be one someday!
Have you seen Avatar? What did you think? Any other good movies?

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  1. By the way, I LOVE THAT MOVIE! just awesome awesome awesome! k that's all i have to say about that!