Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're Here.... ALMOST

So when we left off we were finishingup a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride.

Finally at Ocracoke.... our temporary destination.
Pretty shoreline picture.
Boats in the harbor
We had about an hour once we got off the first ferry till we needed to be on the second ferry as it runs on the hour every hour. So we had time to walk/drive around and check out a few things.
This place is so cute. Lots of little shops on the main road with all sorts of things. We wandered around the first store for awhile looking at t-shirts, and random toys including a tiny fire engine with the number 8 (remember Jim's old station was Station 8).
It started to look a little like the storm had caught up with us once we were on the island. We were walking back to the car and saw the wall of rain coming towards us. Unfortunately we couldn't unlock and get in the car fast enough. Although we felt pretty bad for all the people riding around on their bikes.
We had to drive across the island to get to the second ferry. We drove along for quite awhile with dunes on one side and the sound on the other.
The line to get on the second ferry... we didn't get out of the car during this ride as it was still pouring rain. Glad this was a shorter ride.
A glimpse of the ocean while we wait in line.


  1. I know what comes next and I can't believe you went to my favorite place on earth without me!!

  2. Jody I am very sorry I was not aware it was your favorite.... We are definately hoping for a return visit and we will be sure to invite you along. As I said this wasn't very planned out. We just found out about it last Wednesday and decided Thursday evening once Jim was cleared for taking time off work!