Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Adventures with Katy

   Since Katy has been here we have done A LOT more shopping than we are used to. Shopping at Broadway, beach stores, and regular old malls. I am sure you all probably already guessed that shopping is not Jim's favorite thing... he even suggested that we return to Broadway to complete our shopping there on a night that he works. I will admit the crowds and us darting around looking at things was probably annoying. I strategically chose to go to the North Myrtle Beach mall with Jim. Why you may ask... because it's anchor store is this....
Hehe. This was a win-win. 1) Jim got to go to his store and I wasn't alone in being drug around to all things hunting/fishing while Jim reasoned/planned out why he needed each item along with when he would purchase them. 2) Katy and I were able to shop with minimal guilt for the poor Jim tagging along behind us.
If you have never been to this particular Bass Pro Shop you should know my favorite part is the fish tank.
See Bruce from Finding Nemo hanging out up there?
This is normally where I go while Jim drools over guns & bows since they are right next to that area. And if you didn't already know I am a fish fan. I like all things aquatic. I saw a show once of the top 10 aquariums in the U.S. I honestly hope to see them all in my lifetime and will probably plan future family vacations around their locations. I have already been to the Shedd Aquarium so next I am thinking Boston or California. So for me this is like a mini aquarium trip and Jim is able to get me in here with minimal complaint by mentioning the fish.
We also happened to be there right about the time they feed the fish & the fish guy tells all about each fish, what they are, where they came from, what they're like.

This is my favorite! Katy kept saying how great it would be if it would just puff up, but even with a huge audience this one was chill.

Then there was this fish that looked like he had gotten in a fight with his big fat reddish lip.

The eel even came out since he knew it was time to feed. Katy was not a fan of this one. Although I am not sure why she was so eeked out with two inches of plexiglass between the eel and us. The eel doesn't usually come out of his hiding places for very long so I haven't seen much of him before.

There were also two large schooling fish and then this little guy. Love his pointy nose and fins.

You have all seen Finding Nemo right?  Well this next picture reminds me of the starfish talking to her reflection in the glass.

We eventually left the show as there were hoards of people gathered around and several were quite pushy and it was difficult to hear what the man was saying over all the noise.
There was not one complaint from Jim throughout the rest of the mall and I only heard him planning future camping trips and reasoning why he needs more camo clothing. :)
What is your favorite aquarium? How do you get your S.O. to go shopping? Do you have coping methods for when you go shopping with them?

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