Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hatteras Island

After our second ferry ride we were finally where we wanted to be.... Hatteras Island. We didn't get in till later but were so happy to see our friends Matt & Andrea. We went and picked up food at a local bar and grill, the guys played video games downstairs while we waited and us girls caught up on all the latest news. When we got back to the house there were long discussions about all things work, life, and politics. Since they had also driven in the day before we were all tired and went to bed early.
The next morning Andrea and I got up and took a walk on the beach while the guys slept. It was so nice to get to spend some time talking and catching up.
These are the dunes that separate the beach from the houses... much larger dunes than we are used to seeing here in MB.

There were tons of these holes all over the beach... Andrea explained that they belong to ghost crabs who only come out at night. We did catch a glimpse of one pushing sand out of his hole but he scurried back in before I was able to get a picture of him.
Their pier got rocked by a hurricane and they have not repaired it to the point where it is safe to use yet.
When we returned from our walk the guys were still out. The only thing that motivated them was when Matt's mom started making pancakes and eggs.
After breakfast we headed out for some sight seeing... I learned something else about myself during our next adventure. Can't wait to share with you tomorrow.


  1. So where did you stay? My first three times we stayed in Salvo. With Mom & Scott and the boys we stayed in Avon. I miss the OBX ):

  2. We stayed in a house on Hatteras like 5 miles north of the ferry.