Monday, July 19, 2010

A Not Super Planned Adventure

This weekend Jim and I went on an adventure together! Things here have been crazy lately. I have been working quite a bit more than usual and just a little bit stressed out. So when the opportunity to see some friends who were nearby came up we took it! They had a house and told us all we needed was to bring ourselves, towels, and stuff to sleep with. Any excuse to get away from all this and relax a little. I finished up the last of my work Saturday morning bright and early, packed quickly, and hit the road!
This is just outside Wilmington... where we ran into some crazy traffic.
Our drive took us near the coast the entire way.  So we saw a lot of marshy land with not many houses in between the bigger cities. It was so beautiful and peaceful. It was at this point I realized I had forgotten to bring a blanket. Remember how I said I packed quickly? Yea I am used to making lists, checking them off, and being OVER prepared. We had a deadline to make so there was no stopping at the last Wal-Mart before the edge of civilization.

Then we passed by Camp Lejeune Marine Core base... made us think of one of the people we know here that is coming home soon. I actually saw a big Welcome Home sheet/sign that said "Welcome Home Lt. Person we knows wife's last maiden name" I got all excited that we saw a sign and almost  made Jim stop so I could get a picture before I realized it was the wife's maiden name not their last name.

Fire truck doing training on some base.
Then we passed through this little, tiny town. With not really having a good idea how far we had to go it made me anxious to get there already. Plus as I mentioned we had a deadline to meet.
But first we had to drive through more marsh land.

More wooded areas.

Even more marsh land.
And woods.
Then over this bridge in the middle of nowhere.
The bridge went over this...
At this point we were onto the next leg of our journey..... finally we had made it and on time too!
I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

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