Saturday, July 3, 2010

Barefoot Landing w/ Katy

On Sunday after camping and taking a nice long nap we decided to check out Barefoot Landing with Katy. It is very similar to Broadway but a bit smaller and different shops. Here is Katy riding in the truck... proof that she was at least happy some of the time.
We ate at Ultimate California Pizza. The table was or at least looked like it was part of an old surf board.
We stopped by a sweets shop that made salt water taffy ( I had been craving it for 2 or 3 weeks). This place had a great assortment. They also make candy Buckeyes so they get four huge thumbs up from us Edbrookes!
Of course we had to check out the tigers again. Evidently there are different tigers here each day as there were two white ones here this day and the orange one was dominant.
The white tigers spent most of their time wrestling in the big bath tub type thing they had.
A nice little turtle that came very close.... probably because Jim acted like he had food.
We enjoyed looking at all the signs at American Vintage. They have some pretty great throw back t-shirts as well.  Here is one of my favorites, but I decided there was a one sign per day limit.
We also checked out Horsing Around, Tiki Jim's, a John Deere store,  Kligs Kites, and several other stores.
After walking around it began raining more heavily we decided we'd prefer a movie over getting soaked. We ended up seeing Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. We (all 3 of us) LOVED it! It was the perfect mix of action, romance, and comedy. A good date movie I would say. I now quote little parts.... I wont ruin it for you though. You really should see it and once you do let me know so we can quote it together! :)

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