Sunday, July 4, 2010

She's Leaving on a Jet Plane

  Yesterday was Katy's last morning here. I woke up and made her waffles while she crammed the last of her things into her suitcase. We honestly joked about getting space bags to make it all fit and that might not have been a bad idea. We left the house about 9:45 just in case there was a long line at the ticket counter and when we had picked Katy up there had been a huge line to get through security. (Normally it is very short if there is a line at all). Katy in the truck ready to go... you can see her huge suitcase behind her head in the bed of the truck.
She's tired of pictures I think.
Myrtle Beach airport as seen from the new bridge.
Close up of our quiet little airport. Which may not last much longer as they are currently expanding.
See how nice and calm... compared to Columbus or Chicago the entrance is.
Katy the jet setter.
Palm trees and all to remind you what you're leaving.
In line for security.... see the "Please just quit taking my picture" smile. My response was "But Mom will love it!"

On the way back to our house we saw some seriously backed up traffic. See the semi's on the left... yea there's no stop sign or traffic light there. We had honestly buzzed right through this area not 45 minutes before with no problems at all and at this point it was backed up all the way to Tanger Outlet Mall.
Jim and I are now relaxing and maybe going to watch some fireworks for the 4th of July. It's been quite the busy three weeks and we are ready to not have plans.

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