Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camping Trip with Katy

  Jim and I had such a great time camping at the Myrtle Beach State Park we decided to book a site so we could take Katy while she was here. Good thing we did it way back then because there was only one spot available the whole two weeks she was here! We did opt to stay on the side that was larger and had a hook up for electric at the site. Thank goodness because when we got there we were sweating just standing around! Here is a pic of Jim starting to set up the campsite. Notice the blue tarp. After our experience with the inescapable dirt last time we decided we needed a safe spot especially with chances of rain (mud in tent = yuck)
There was a very light rain shower as we arrived which we had hoped would help the temperature drop. Instead the humidity went through the roof. We ended up sending Jim to buy a box fan to keep air moving in the tent to allow us to sleep. It worked wonders.
Katy hiding from my camera in her section of the tent.
Family picture without Scarlet. She doesn't like car rides and probably loves weekends with the house to herself. Notice that Jim and I have an air mattress this time. I didn't have any difficulty sleeping on our previous camping trip but evidently Jim did. We struggled with a leak in the air mattress this time. The air mattress held up well the first night. I slept much more soundly...however we also didn't have any creatures attacking our food this time either.  The second night the mattress started going flat almost immediately. By the end of the night I was doing all I could to avoid the tree roots that were right beneath my back. Grrr.
We love camping.
Jim starting up the fire after our day trip to the beach.

Katy doing some puzzles and relaxing.
For dinner we ate a Homestyle Bake! So good. We will be researching some other quick/easy meals we can make like this. I love camping food! We of course had hobo pies (which Katy doesn't like?!?!) and s'mores.
See how much better we set up our site this time? And notice the orange cord leading to our wonderful box fan. The second day was much less humid and actually a bit "cool" compared to the night before.
See my new beach/book bag! I got it at Barnes & Nobel for buying two items. I stocked it with books, magazines, puzzles, and word searches (Thanks Mom!). This was also home to the 10 bottles of sunscreen we had. Was so handy for our little trip to the beach as well. It has a kind of "plasticy" bottom with that blue design. I also kinda love the seahorse, and on the other side is a starfish.
Here is my Camper's Log & Journal. We found this at the camp store on our first trip and decided we had to have it. There are pages for recording about each camping trip, logging purchases, equipment maintenance, people you meet, wildlife seen, places you would like to go, favorite sites for future reference. I love this little log.I had even already forgotten some of the highlights from our last trip.
Katy keeping up the fire while Jim is away.
Beautiful fire.
Look at how sad our little site looks all empty again. We were ready to go home and take a nap though.
I think we are hoping to go on a hiking trip in the fall and camp that way. I am a bit nervous as we will obviously be taking much fewer supplies and away from many of the conveniences that made this trip tolerable.
What are some of your favorite camping meals? Can you share recipes for us to try? Where is your favorite place to camp? Most adventurous?

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