Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All Aboard!

After our long drive we finally made it to our first destination and we made it on time too! You have to make reservations for these ferries and you have to be there a half hour ahead of time to pick up your reserved ticket. Due to some seriously slow Burger King employees near Camp Lejeune we had been a bit stressed about missing the ferry all together.
Which  of these is not like the other? We had to laugh while looking at them... three of the same big Chevy trucks then one small Ford. I think it helps that this is the same truck Jim has, except they have tool boxes. Guess we'll have to work on that.
On the ferry. Waiting in the car till everyone is loaded so we can get out and walk around.
And we're moving! I realized several things on this trip I hadn't known about myself... the first was I get sea sick. I also have difficulty walking on a moving boat but we already knew I wasn't graceful.
Jim enjoying the break from driving.
Nothing as far as the eye can see.
Except for this storm that followed us the whole way.
Loving the breeze. It was so hot and muggy and you weren't allowed to have your cars on so no a/c.
After about 2 hours we saw land!
When our boat started to turn around and slow down we saw this.... I was a little worried but I assume since no one came running or made emergency announcements this was normal. Stinky burning rubber smell but normal.
Next we do some exploring!

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