Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cape Hatteras Light House

Matt and Andrea took us to see the Cape Hatteras Light House. This light house was built in 1870 and has 248 steps which is equal to about a 12 story building. It used to sit a little ways away but due to the land receding and being in danger of falling into the ocean they moved it to a more secure location. This is the tallest brick structure to have been moved.

We decided to climb it although the outside deck was closed due to wind conditions.

Off to the side they had a museum with artifacts not only from this light house but ships that were sunk or wrecked in the area.
Looking up the staircase from the bottom. About four or five flights up I realized the second thing about myself I didn't know. I'm afraid of heights, or more specifically falling down large flights of stairs. I had known in college that I didn't like looking down the stairwell when I lived on the third floor. The distance from me to the bottom was unnerving. But this weekend I flat out did not want to go any further I have never felt fear like that before, not even walking across OSU campus in the middle of the night alone.Luckily I had people with me who understood and tolerated my humming and slow walking until we reached the top.
Once we were at the top there was a tiny landing where a park employee greeted us and allowed us to step out onto the outside balcony just barely to take pictures. That height however did not bother me. So I guess it is just a stairs thing.
These support the upstairs landing.
I made Jim take this picture looking down the lighthouse. See how I could be intimidated. This appears to only show about 4 floors down.
These waves are splashing over some of the old methods put up to try to keep the sand from eroding to save the light house in its old position. Ironically it did the exact opposite and caused the beach to erode even worse.

The light house as seen from it's original site.
Have I mentioned my camera has amazing zoom? J took these last few.

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