Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mini Golf & Our Favorite Ice Cream!

When visiting and yes even living in MB mini golf is a must. We didn't plan where to go just drove along till we found somewhere nice that wasn't packed! We were near 17 & Farrow Parkway when we saw Cancun Lagoon. It happens to be right next to our favorite Dairy Queen as well, which is our favorite because it has butterscotch to dip ice cream cones in. Here is Katy with the beautiful outside flowers.
This place has both indoor (air conditioned) and outdoor holes. Luckily due to a light sprinkling it was not super hot this evening. Perfect for some mini golf competition!

Follow the yellow big feet. :) This is where I got yelled at to quit holding up progress by taking pictures by Katy & Jim. "But I need them for my blog."
On our second hole we found this contraption. None of us had ever seen this. When you get to a hole that has one of the wheels each player spins it and either gets a little assistance or a penalty. They ranged from getting to take 1 stroke off your total for that hole to making you hit the ball with your eyes closed. It made the game much more interesting and added the ability to dole out punishments to fellow players in an attempt to decrease their lead. :) We loved it!
Katy had to shoot behind her back.
I had to use my hand to shoot.
At some point I am fairly certain we all hat to shoot blind and with the wrong end of our putter. Katy once was even able to pick up an opponent's (Jim) ball and move it two paces anywhere on that hole.
There were pretty flowers lining the holes as we played. We all ended up within 5 or 6 strokes of each other total so it was a very fun, competitive, and interesting game.
My pretty sister!
After all that hard work putting and laughing we needed some ice cream. Where else could we go but the best place on the strand... Kirk's. This is a family tradition. We always stayed at the Dayton House and walked up to get ice cream at Kirks. They have so many flavors and it feels like this great place they used to have back home called Brighton's Ice Cream.
Yummy looking waffle cones!
Katy enjoying her moose tracks.

The perfect end to a perfect day.

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