Friday, July 23, 2010

We were tourists!

After checking out the light house we stopped by the Hatteras Volunteer Fire Department in an attempt to obtain Jim one of the really great t-shirts that they sell.

This is the library. The worlds largest caught marlin was caught and brought to dock in Hatteras.
We ate lunch at the Frisco Sandwich Co. They had home made potato chips and Jim's sandwich was amazing. Definitely try their specialty sandwiches. Their sweet tea was not sweet at all.... I would call it sweetened tea, nothing like we drink here.
These flowers were  outside the house. We have them in MB but I love them!
Andrea and I waiting on the guys so we can go down to the beach.
The waves there were insane with a very strong current. I got in the water several times but never for any amount of time as it was too rough and I had difficulty staying standing. I also didn't like that I wasn't really in control, with each wave I literally got pushed to the left a few feet. All of us got swept up at least once and walked away with some sort of scrape.
There are a lot of huge houses along the dunes.
After the beach it was about time to start heading home. Neither of us wanted to leave. I guess we'll have to plan a trip back, we are thinking in the fall as that would be more conducive to walking around and we really didn't enjoy spending much time in the water.

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  1. I think my fav pic on this day is the ocean w bird.