Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Change of Scenery

Before I told you there were some changes we needed to update you on.... while they aren't HUGE they are exciting (and no there are no mini-me's in our immediate future).  Just a few weeks ago Jim got switched to a new station. He went from out in the middle of nowhere Juniper Bay to smack in the middle of it all Surfside Beach! I was a little concerned at first because everyone kept saying how Jim would be taking a much larger volume of calls.... I was imagining him coming home on weekends and sleeping all day because he had ran all night (I understand, it just isn't ideal when we usually only get one weekend day together). Jim was sad to leave the guys and area that he knew really well but was excited too for a change. So far I haven't heard one negative comment, he comes home excited with tons of stories to tell as always, everyone he has worked with there has been great to work with and I think he likes the accomodations as well. To top it off he hasn't appeared to need any additional sleep yet. Compared to Station 8 (Juniper Bay) this new station is a palace! It was just recently built and all new... although we hear 8 is getting a new station now that Jim left.  Here is a virtual tour of his new station..... I figured there would be some interested in seeing it.
From the outside.... pretty isn't it?!

Jim wanted a picture of the barbed wire on the side of the building... I think the Surfside police cars are kept in there.
A palm tree... they are just blocks from the ocean.
The Surfside engine
HCFR Medic Unit & Jim
Surfside's Ladder
One side of the nice big bay.
and the other.... seriously this place is HUGE
Office space... I never even saw the office in 8 because you had to go through the bunk room upstairs to get to it and I wasn't really comfortable going through the boys' bedroom... I only saw the bunk room once when I had to pick up Jim's sleeping bag because he was working at another station and the guys there told me to get it from his locker upstairs.
The fire pole! Unfortunately due to insurance restrictions the HCFR guys can't use this....only the Surfside Beach guys get to. But it looks fun huh?! It has a little rail around it too, so I could get close and take a picture without fear of falling!
Here's how the HCFR guys navigate the station.

and more stairs. Upstairs are the living quarters.
Jim toook over my camera while I was away.... J and Mike the Surfside Beach firefighter on his shift.
The entrance to the bunk room.

Then each guy gets their own little area. They share with guys on the other shifts but at least at night they are able to have a little personal space. Aren't these nice?!
They also have a work out room.
A huge kitchen with a dishwasher and tons of cabinet space.
Dinning room and Living/TV room.
This station even has a seperate girls bunk room with its own bath/shower room.
I kinda love it! Much easier to stop by and visit when I don't feel like I am taking over someone else's spot on the couch. We're very happy to hear those still at 8 will be getting a new station soon... If you have ever experienced it you know all those who have worked there deserve kudos.
Hope you all enjoyed the virtual tour!


  1. Congrats to Jim! The station looks awesome! I did suspect maybe it was a new Edbrooke you were going to announce though. Those boots are too cute to be sitting around too long! hee,hee

  2. I want to go down the pole! Im not a HCFR employee! Can I do it please please please?

  3. Kim: Not yet... after having Katy I realized how much the priorities would shift. I kinda like the freedom we have now for now. The boots do sit out :)
    Kristen: I don't know I didn't ask I'm a scardy cat when it comes heights!

  4. YEAH..Congrats Jim! Looks very nice & hey closer to the beach (northerner what can i say)! lol..didn't know sisters visit would do double duty

    Thanks for sharing!