Sunday, October 3, 2010

CCU Chants!

  Some or most of you know Jim is an Assistant Coach for Coastal Carolina University Cheerleading this year. He is really loving working with them and teaching them new things. Jim has been working with them since this past Spring.
This is the pre camp team photo taken at the beach! CCU has both a co-ed and an all girl squad, this picture is of both squads together with all three coaches. Jim was unable to go to camp with them as he had his own Combat Challenge competition in Kentucky that weekend but I was able to stop by, watch, and get some pictures and video for them! Both teams recieved a bid to nationals!

They've had fundraisers, including washing cars and got a visit from HCFR!

Two of the girls on the squad are from Ohio! So at the first game we all had to take this picture together. I thought it was very appropriate! The CCU game against Georgia Southern was actually the first college football game I have attended that was not at The Shoe. They have a beautiful stadium and even added an additional seating section connected to the new gym/athletic facility (you can see it behind us in the O-H-I-O picture) this year.

Here is a picture of both squads before the first game. I am just starting to get better at remembering names... although there are about four girls with the name Chelsea so that is always my first guess. I really am trying though as I am constantly hearing stories about what happens at practices.
Last weekend they had Parents Weekend and a pre game tailgate/pot luck lunch. So many of the girls are from out of state that their parents are unable to make most of the games. It was fun to see them introducing their team mates to their parents and to meet most of the parents for us too. CCU has been having a rough football season this year but for Parents Weekend they had an amazing win over Deleware State!
And while Brutus the Buckeye will always be our favorite mascot Chauncey Chanticleer is AMAZING! He honestly does an amazing job and has one of the best attitudes ever! I don't have any other pics of him as he is always out working the crowd, taking pictures with fans, and supporting the Chants!

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