Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Ohio Trip

For Jamie's wedding Jim and I made the trip to Ohio for the second time in two months. The first indicator of the distance we have traveled is Pilot Mountain. I think this is the neatest landmark. I have probably babbled before about how when Jim and I drove to SC to test for Horry County we stopped and went to the top. I'm not sure what I was expecting to see but I wanted to know more about this interesting looking mountain. I encourage others to stop by on your way through there is a beautiful view.
Due to some stopped traffic on 77 Jim and I opted for a detour. Along that detour we saw this.... I wouldn't mind being friends with Floyd.

I can't remember exactly what this building was but I think I thought it was the court house...

Until I saw this building that is.
There was a lot of this.... and I must say while it was beautiful the hills and curves were nauseating.
The bridge between West Virginia and Ohio.

I love barns.

We stopped at Ohio University to get some Chipotle for dinner before continuing our drive.

Any Ohio University Alums or historians that can tell me what this building is?

Tucker was totally over the ride at this point.

Look how beautiful the cornfields are with a backdrop of changing leaves. Jim and I spent the night at Jim's dad's house Friday night due to some illness in my parents' home and them needing to disinfect before we got there (I have been sick enough lately we weren't chancing it). It was a great excuse to spend some more time with Jim's dad and sisters.

Saturday morning before going to our family photo shoot with Jody from Fotos by Jojo (click on the name to check out her blog... she does great work) I posed the puppy for a picture outside Jim's dad's house.

Jim took this one of the barn. 
We made it to our portrait session a little bit late but I honestly cannot wait to see the pictures. Jody has a great eye and the backdrop could not have been more perfect. We had lunch with my family, got ready and went to Jamie's wedding. Afterwards I stayed and spent time with my family while Jim returned to his dad's and spent time with them.
Then we had to make the long journey home again. I am sure that it has something to do with not wanting to leave but the drive home always seems so much longer and less tolerable. However, with this beautiful fall weather and the changing of the leaves it was more enjoyable than usual. 

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  1. Enjoyed the photos & I love the ride south this time of year! Posed pic of Tucker a framer?!?!?!