Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movies, Movies, Movies

I talked before about how I don't usually make Jim sit through the chick flicks with me (he would, we just see mutually enjoyable movies). Last weekend Jim went to Florida for Combat Challenge Nationals so I had control of the remote for four whole days! I decided to take advantage of that and watch a few of the movies I had been wanting to see, if they were in the Red Box. This quickly led to a movie week! I am quite happy with all the movies I got to see.
The first I chose was Letters to Juliet. I was a little afraid this would be horribly corny or just way too over the top but I really thought it was a great movie. One that I would see again or buy. It is a cute story with an amazing setting (I would love to go to Europe and travel all over and eat amazing food!).
After the success of the first movie I was bravely confident about trying another movie I had been skeptical about. When in Rome.... it was an okay movie but kinda reminded me of Failure to Launch with the one ruining element of just a bit too much of an unbelievable situation. Although it had a good underlying message and was not intolerable.

I rounded out the weekend by watching Date Night again... Jim and I saw that at the theater and LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it! I cracked up just as much this time as before. Although I think it may make me feel old that I can relate with some things the couple felt :"You never, never ever close any drawers you open, never!". My husband seems to be unable to put food or drink items back in the fridge or cupboard! I also caught Pretty Woman on tv... Julia Roberts is awesome!
Once Jim got home it was back to the manly man movies again and we rented and watched Robin Hood which was great. I like that it shows you how/why Robin Hood began stealing from the rich to give to the poor and why he was so hated by the king.

The other night we rented The Blind Side... again this is one we have seen before but it is such a great movie it is worth watching again. Sandra Bullock much like Julia Roberts is timeless and amazing in almost every role she plays (and neither of them seem to age either... please God can I age half as gracefully as they have? :D)

Jim took me on a date night to watch a movie I have been talking about. Life as We Know It. I like Katherine Heigl's movies and Josh Duhamel seems to be popping up in a lot of movies lately. Although the premise of this is sad it is a good... "Life isn't a fairytale love story". I would watch this again too!
Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think? Any suggestions on what other movies we/I should watch?

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  1. "When In Rome" is in my Netflix que. I'll probably watch "Life as We Know It" when it comes out on DVD. I'm glad that you liked "Letters to Juliet". I love any movie that is set in such a great place like Italy or Greece...have you ever seen "My Life in Ruins"? Have you ever seen "The Big Chill"? There's a movie that is billed as the Christian version of it..."Hidden Secrets".