Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Year Older

So it was a few weeks ago but... I had another birthday and it really was great!
Friday evening I went with our friend Jody to the Greek Festival. There I ate my first gyro, I was not brave enough to try lamb (imagine the poor little lamb "baaaa") and had a chicken gyro instead and tried some roasted Greek potatoes. I liked both... and based on the ingredient lists of all the foods there Greek food and I go together. They use a lot of lemon and garlic just ask Jim I love to add those to any recipe. We walked around and  checked out all of the craft booths and found a few cute items but our next goal was the authentic Greek desserts. I got ergolavas (almond coated cookies), kourambiethes ( butter cookies dusted with confectioners sugar), diples (honey-dipped crisp pastry with cinnamon), and baklava (crushed walnuts, almonds, cinnamon and butter baked in layers of filo and topped with spicy honey syrup). We did not eat these right away but took them home, I saved mine to share with Jim the next day. My favorite was the ergolavas and then the diples.
After the Greek festival Jody and I went to see the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps which was great. It is a sequel to the 1987 movie by the same name (which is now a goal to see).
Saturday once Jim got home I was allowed to open my gifts (including a package from my mom that had arrived the evening before). Jim got me another Life is Good shirt, this one says "Close Knit Friends"

Then was the box from my mom.... in which there were multiple gifts. An OSU bracelet, OSU umbrella, some make up, a Willow Tree Angel (from Miss Katy), and finally an OSU t-shirt for me, one for Jim, and an OSU onesie! The  cutest thing EVER! Although my mom said this does not mean she is ready for grandchildren.... she just enjoys shopping for tiny clothing (don't we all?!?).
Jim and I then went shopping with several gift cards I was given and I got several new outfits along with a few things for the house as well. I haven't shopped like that in such a long time and with the upcoming weather change it was nice to buy a few new sweaters, a pair of cords, and an amazing pair of boots. (I am my mother's daughter after all!) :D
It was then time to change and get ready for the CCU Parents Tailgate and game against Delaware State. There was even a cake and singing (see above pic). How sweet huh?! CCU won the game as well so the night ended on a happy note for all CCU fans!!
We have not yet developed birthday traditions here. Our first year here I was totally set to spend my birthday on the beach but it happened to be monsoon season almost the entire week so I settled on Chinese and a movie. I don't even remember what we did last year and for Jim's birthday this past year we were rehearsing our wedding and hanging out with our visiting family (we would love to have you all here every year!) What are your Birthday Traditions/ Favorite Birthday Memories?


  1. How appropriate you went and saw Wall Street for your b-day...considering we share our special day with Michael Douglas and his beautiful wife Catherine Zeta Jones. (I so wish I looked like her!) It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. I've never tried Greek, but I started trying new things last year so I'd be totally up for trying out the gyros (even with the lamb). They can't be any worse than sushi and wasabi sauce!! Now I'm going to have to blog my birthday :)

  2. Ahh I did not know that... I knew we shared it with Will Smith.(I wish I looked like Catherine Zeta Jones too!) Chicken gyros aren't crazy... I am not an adventurous eater by any means. As for the sushi... have you tried tuna sashimi? Outback has Seared Ahi Tuna and i love it. There is also a little bar and grill that has it here.... so you should just come visit us. We can take you camping and do the tuna sashimi thing! Two birds... one trip.