Monday, October 18, 2010


I know I put the cart in front of the horse and already blogged about Christmas decorations.... but I was waiting until we carved our pumpkins. Last year we had so much fun making these. Jim did the monster, I the cat, and we did the Trick or Treat together.

We stopped by Home Depot... but they didn't have the "perfect" pumpkin.

So we went to the Surfside United Methodist Church to check out their pumpkin patch. They had a large variety in all shapes and sizes, even white, black, and lumpy ones. But still they were not what we had in mind.

They do have a great pumpkin sign/tunnel that they put out every year.

So on the way home we stopped by Lowe's. Can you guess which pumpkin in this box I wanted?

Yep, the one on the VERY bottom.... luckily I have a tall and willing husband to dig it out for me.

But when the others were moved we noticed it was a bit messed up on one side... so I spotted this one (in the back corner with the sticker showing). And yes it was under all the pumpkins Jim had JUST moved to get to the other pumpkin. We got a good laugh out of that, I am so thankful to have a husband who is amused by picky tendencies rather than annoyed.

See just look how perfect that pumpkin is!

I even loved the stem! It is hard to find a perfect pumpkin that still has a great stem.

The finished product! For those of you who were guessing on facebook Jim did the bat and I the spider. I do not care for scary/mean Halloween decorations and this spider looked nice not scary for me.

We also got this Halloween flag. Snoopy is popular in our house.

Here are our pumpkins with my mums in the daylight! So cute!

My door sign. I got it at Home Goods two years ago after Halloween on sale and when I was in Home Goods this year I saw one similar and couldn't remember if I had actually gotten this sign before but remembered I liked it and had to double check (at least I know I like it).

And then there's our Frankenbeagle. I told you we like Snoopy!

My birthday placemat and pumpkin candles (that never get burned) from Pottery Barn!

What are your favorite Halloween decorations? Do you like scary or cute?

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