Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Cat is Killing My Style

One of my favorite features of our apartment is this great window that is over our "Office Nook". Why do I like it so much you may wonder? Well... it gives me the opportunity to search for the perfect accessory for each season which in my mind is two fold 1) It is fun and gives me something to look forward to for each holiday/season and 2) It blocks a little bit of the window in case there were ever a creeper trying to look in (paranoid I know but hey that's me). So far I have a snowflake for winter/Christmas, an egg wreath for spring/Easter and an orange and red berry wreath for fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving.
The problem arises from this also being one of our cat Scarlet's favorite features of our home as well. She likes to sit/lay up in that window and soak up the sun and see what is going on outside.
Scarlet enjoying her window perch.
So my beautiful berry wreath evidently impedes on the area in which she is comfortable, I noticed at first a few bite marks in the berries. Tiny little teeth marks, now it has progressed into full on chunks and even entire branches of berries missing! This cannot be good for her digestive tract! I first moved the wreath up a few inches to hopefully get it out of her way... nope she kept eating them. Then I sprayed the entire wreath down with bitter spray that we have from when Tucker was a puppy.... nope she's still attacking my poor wreath!
Just take a look at what was left of some of my poor wreath!

I am openly not a cat expert. Scarlet is my first and was not a planned addition (she was tiny, cute, and had a limp). So please share your cat advice. Can my cat learn to live with my decor or am I now to curb it to only pet friendly (see also: things Scarlet can't eat/destroy)???


  1. well if she has deemed that spot hers other than other than disapline to curb her to find a new window seat your gonna have to go cat friendly.. do you have other windows she can lay in?

  2. As someone who has had cats their entire life, good luck with this. Cats are so stubborn and like things their way. You can try to put these plastic spike things in the window. I've seen them in Drs. Foster & Smith, I think. The cat jumps up, finds it doesn't like the feel and jumps down. Never tried it before but it might work. By the way, Ozzy, Shaggy & Sloopy are laughing (an evil laugh, mind you) at your dilema.

  3. this is your 2nd cat my dear daughter...remember Cinder? Because of Cinder, your father would say to your dilema: "get rid of the cat!". Cats are cute & I had one forever growing up (3 legged & billion litters, Daisy) but having my own home have learned to enjoy others feline friends for I hate that like mice they can get anywhere & into everything. Good Luck in your pursuit!