Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picture Wall

So one of the projects I have been trying to put together is a Family Picture Wall. I would like for it to have as many pictures of the different family groups as possible. I already have a great big photo collage of our wedding day in the large multiple opening frame shown here. I have been waiting to get more frames for the second hallway wall.

Here are the other two we registered for and received. I already have more wedding pictures in one but those will become our family members.

I also found these at Kohls last night and thought they would go well with the wooden frames. There are a few more sizes that I want as well.
I am probably all excited about this because of our recent family photo shoot with Jody.  I'll have to update you all once it is more complete. I love seeing pictures of you all since we don't get to see you in person nearly enough. So all family members this is your call to e-mail us a group/family picture to add to our wall. I may have to search for other frames that coordinate.
Do you have a family photo wall? Are they individual or group photos? Do all your frames matching or are they different? How are they laid out?

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  1. I have a ton of frames to hang in my bedroom and my living room. I've always been hesitant to put nails in my new drywall and then I saw this tip on a blog: trace the frames on to paper and then using tape you can arrange and rearrange until you find the configuration that you like. That's my next big project.