Sunday, October 17, 2010

Team Horry Heart Walk

Jim and I had a very busy day Saturday. Team Horry walked in the Heart Walk at Market Commons bright and early.  Mike Medeiros a team member and Wellness Coordinator for HCFR is great at promoting fitness and health especially as it pertains to firemen and keeping them healthy and safe for their job. That is after all the point of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, it is not only a chance for the team members to stay active and compete but drives them to continue to improve skills that are job related. The actual combat challenge course is a derivative of the JRAT fitness test that each fireman must complete each year (Click here to see a description of what the Combat Challenge course includes). The leading cause of death in firemen is heart attack.

Mike received an award on behalf of Horry County for being a second year platinum supporter along with several other local companies and businesses.
Here are the guys getting into gear and getting ready for the walk.

Team Horry before beginning the Heart Walk.
Team Horry with the clown from the Heart Walk.
And they're off! The guys got many comments and much support from their fellow walkers who noticed how much more difficult it must be to be doing the 3 mile walk in full gear and on air!

I was touched by the Heart Walk Memorial Wall... what a great way to honor those who inspire a search for better treatment/prevention. Kind of felt appropriate being 30 years and 1 day since my family lost my Grandma Ruby to a heart attack. Makes me grateful that there has been so much improvement in treatment so that my Dad, Aunt, and Grandpa were able to survive. Maybe someday they'll be able to treat the genetic predisposition to cholesterol build up and be able to complete operations in a  less invasive manner.

Near the end of the three mile walk.

Crossing the finish line!

It may not be what I am used to but this is still my favorite face in there somewhere!

Team Horry with their junior member. Great job guys!

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