Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 7 The Long Trip Home

On our way out of town we tried to stop by Donalds Doughnuts but were met with signs that said "Sorry Sold Out" which were most probably there from the day before as they were obviously closed for Labor Day. :o( I was VERY VERY sad.

Tucker did such a great job both on the way to Ohio and on the way home. He prefers to sit in someones lap but tolerated his cozy little spot in the back and didn't even whimper. However, whenever we got out of they car he not so sneakily made his way to the front.
We decided to take pictures as we crossed state lines... we have never successfully gotten all of them before. Here we are entering West Virginia the state in which we spent the most time traveling.
Evidently we passed some really neat old car while I was asleep. I thought I was wide awake until we had been on the road for about an hour and a half to two hours. Then sleep deprivation hit. Luckily Jim was able to fall asleep everywhere we stopped for more than 5 minutes... and I am very proud of my family for not pulling anything when he fell asleep sitting around the camp fire.
I always take a picture or at least attempt to take a picture of this building whenever we make this drive. For some reason I have always liked it... and on the way to Ohio it always means we are ALMOST there.
This isn't so bad of a view to look at while driving is it?
When we stopped to fill the gas tank and grab some food... Jim noticed a pink cake doughnut and got it to try to make up for me missing out on Donalds Doughnuts... it was good, but not quite the same. Starbucks... sorry they are a little dry.
Another favorite part of the trip is always going through the tunnels! Yes I make Jim honk still and we decided they should have their own radio station that comes on everyones' radio while they are in the tunnel!
When you come out the other side of the tunnel you are in Virginia!
Our first view of Pilot Mountain! Unfortunately right after this we got stopped up in traffic due to a bad accident up ahead.
Look at all that traffic! We inched along for miles.... it totally killed our time getting home... we would have made it in 9 1/2 hours had it not been for this.
We narrowly got this picture of the North Carolina state line picture. It snuck up on us!
Closer to Pilot Mountain.
Tucker finally fell asleep... I think he finally realized he was not going to be left behind somewhere. Well that and he also had a very busy weekend.
And the last state line! Yeay for being back in South Carolina!
This church right outside of Bennettsville. Which also has a beautiful courthouse.
We were also pleased to see more reasonable gas prices! It is like thirty or forty cents more expensive in Ohio! Yikes!

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