Friday, October 15, 2010

Holidays are Coming

I know that it isn't even Halloween yet but by now you all know about my obsession with Pottery Barn right? Yea... love, love, love them! Now I will admit that I RARELY buy anything there full price. I prefer to wait for the end of the season or last season's sales so that I can have the items I love at a price I am not ashamed to admit to Jim. Plus then I am super excited the following year when I get to put out my new Pottery Barn stuff! I also signed up to receive e-mail notifications about sales and specials. Last year I "splurged" and got us the stockings I had been drooling over for at least two years. I got them on sale, free monogramming, and free shipping! Our set up looks exactly like this as I got Jim and I the large stockings and Tucker and Scarlet the smaller stockings (No worries Aunt Chelle these will never replace the homemade one just hold the place since I don't think mom is ready to give it up quite yet).

I would also love to have the matching tree skirt but it never quite goes on sale enough.... but I do have a  remaining gift card from the wedding that I have been holding out on spending for just the right thing.

I like the stocking holders as well.

And how cute/perfect is this pillow? It matches my current living room colors as well!

Their vase fillers are also an item I tend to lean towards... they always go on great sale at the end of the season. I already have mini ornaments but think that either of these star vase fillers would look good... depending on if I go for shiny/flashy or vintage/cozy. What do you think.

And I love love LOVE these ornaments! I like that they look like they have been around forever and have character. Another item I'll be looking at after Christmas.

How cute is this snowman?!?

Do you have the Pottery Barn bug too or is there a store you can't help but drool over thier catalog? Do you splurge on favorite items or wait for them to go on sale?


  1. I love Pottery Barn. Unfortunately, I've never held a job that even allows me to consider shopping from there...hence the fact I made my own knock-off Pottery Barn end tables via Knock-Off Wood. I do, however, have directions on how to knock-off the PB Frame Stocking Holders. I can't find the website now, but I had cut & pasted the directions into my craft file. Basically, you find stocking holders at yard sales or flea markets or even like Wal-Mart. Remove the decoration on top. Then you take frames that you find at similar places. Spray paint the pieces and then glue them together. Put a mat and a picture and your done. Obviously, I plan on doing this sometime myself. If you want the whole directions, let me know & I'll email them to you. Oh, and there's lots of blogs that have directions for knocking off PB pieces.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say I do own one thing from PB. It is my duvet cover and shams. I got them on sale @ and I love them!