Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Wave

I sat on the beach and a beautiful wave came tumbling right up to me,
It threw some pink shells on the sand at my feet,
then hurried straight back out to sea.
It ran away swiftly and leaped up in foam;
 it bumped the other waves in its glee.
I think it was hurrying to gather more shells,
to bring as a present for me.    ~Gussie Osborne

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE living at the beach? I love random Sunday afternoons when we can just decide to go to the beach and spend some time. The water is finally warm and perfect for splashing around in! While I played around in the water Jim was struggling with his kite.

And tried some more....

Finally the kite flew!

For a brief moment Jim was ecstatic (or at least enjoying himself)

Then the trouble began.

Tangled string... and broken wings followed.

Look at that knot! Needless to say Jim got pretty frustrated and was pretty disappointed. He has been waiting to fly a kite for a long time and was excited to finally have a stunt kite. I think we'll be making a trip to Kligs Kites soon. I cannot stand to see him sad like that and we all know that if it was something I wanted he would have already gotten it for me.

Jim pouting.

Dolphin.... does this remind anyone of any other sand sculptures? Maybe in Virginia Beach? I'll have to get a picture up here to share. Mom? Please?


  1. I just wanted to get it really high in the air! i was frustrated out of my mind! Oh well, next time it'll all be set up/spooled right. Thanks for helpin' though! Even though I was pouting i did enjoy the walk through the surf, next time we'll bring the dog and see if he will chase things into the water!

  2. Yes it does! I will send it to you. Did you & Jim sculpt the dolphin? Pretty cool!

  3. No we did not sculpt this one... just saw it as we were taking our walk and had to get a picture b/c it reminded me of ours!