Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Adventures of Camping with Dirt Day #3

  I woke up early Sunday morning and found that the racoon had not simply gotten into our trash bag... he had spread it across our campsite. Luckily Jim had some medical gloves in the truck so "There ain't no germs on me". Our neighbors from NC had the same problem, Paul (the dad/husband) said his trash had been scattered as well and the racoon had even gotten into his cooler and eaten their hot dogs! And Jim thought I was being paranoid by making him put the cooler in the tent for the night. Here is a picture of the greasey foot prints our little scavenger left on Jim's truck bed.
While Jim slept I cleaned up all that I could, I left the tent open so Tucker could see me and come out if he wanted food or needed to potty. He simply laid there next to Jim with his head on his paws and dozed in and out of sleep. I got just about everything but the food and tent packed up before Jim woke (again with that ability to sleep).  Doesn't our site look sad all cleared out?

Tucker not quite awake and making sure the truck wouldn't be going anywhere without him.
By 7 am we were completely packed up and on our way to check out. (Note the three vehicles at the campsite ahead to the right. Crazy college students)

It didn't take Tucker long to fall asleep. Not even out of the park.

We were ready before it was even time to check out so we drove around and wrote down the numbers of sites that we would prefer to stay at the next time. We then went to the camp store in order to check out (this was on the opposite side of the campground from where we stayed).

Next time we are staying on this side. They have electricity and a bit more vegitation to act as dirt control... they also have more light colored sand compared to our black dirt.

On our way home... to sleep. (You noticing the pattern?) It was such a relaxing weekend!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. May you enjoy many more.Love ya