Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Camping We Will Go!

   For some time Jim and I have been discussing wanting to go camping. Jim has a really great tent that he has been dying to use... we had recently been discussing going soon so today Jim decided to put together the tent to make sure had all the parts and assess the difficulty.

Jim putting things together.

Tucker enjoyed running back and forth between Jim and I in the long tent!
We haven't seen Tucker run like this for about a year. We were starting to think he was getting too old for this.
Tucker coming back my way again.
He finally tired out. Tucker seems to feel right at home in the tent already.
Following Jim without leaving the tent.
I think this will do just fine for our camping needs.

Look how good my puppy sits for pictures! I think Jim may be a bit proud of his tent too.
Now we just need to get some other necessary camping supplies. I cannot wait to make hobo pies and s'mores. We are taking Tucker along for this as well. It appears he likes the tent at least.
Any suggestions on where to get quality camping supplies or must have items?


  1. Im excited to come down!hope we camp some!:)

  2. Cool. Starting a new segment of camping memories.hope these are as good as the old ones.

  3. I have such great memories from camping, I think that may be why I am so excited. I am a bit afraid that since it isn't everyone that I may be a bit disappointed.