Monday, May 24, 2010

The Adventures of Camping with Dirt Day #2

   When we left off we had been woke up rudely by a not so welcome visitor. It was a little difficult to get back to sleep after that. I was constantly hearing things and peeking out our window before disturbing sleeping beauty. Jim's ability to sleep anywhere and through anything never ceases to amaze me. We woke up early Saturday to take a walk to the beach and watch the sunrise (plus a MBSP dogs aren't allowed on the beach between 8 am & 5 pm).

  This was at about 6am. We were the only people out and had the beach to ourselves.

After sitting and watching the beautiful sunrise we took a little walk. We looked for shells, Tucker chased birds (this is a new thing for him). We stopped at the pier store to get Jim coffee and headed back to the campsite. There Jim and I made a breakfast of turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. After breakfast we took another walk in an attempt to see the elusive alligator. We did see several birds and a few wild children on the paths.
The park puts out some dummy proof signs that spell things out specifically.

After our walk I took a nap to make up for the horrible sleep the night before. While I was sleeping Jim chopped wood and made me a little something. He woke me up to show me....

Isn't that so sweet? I then convinced Jim that he should take a nap with me (he can't wake me if he's sleeping too!) We woke up and cleaned the site up a bit and hung out, talked, and relaxed. Once the heat of the day had passed we decided it was time to check out the showers. For a campground that seems so primitive (we only had a hook up for running water and no electricity) they were really nice. And as a bonus I was the only person in the bathroom at the time and got to take my time. I only noted one spider in a far tippy top corner.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and relaxing. By the time it started to get dark Tucker started to let us know how tired he was. It started like this

There was A LOT of dirt and not many nice places to lay so Tucker prefered being in a chair or in someone's lap. We had only taken two chairs so this is while Jim was playing with the campfire

Jim enjoying his big fire.

This was Tucker's final pitiful act to show how tired he was. Several times he walked over to the tent sniffed it, looked at us, and walked back. Of course, once we were asleep again, our night time visitor came back again and woke me up.  One guess who slept through it....again.  This time he was bit more sneeky and tried to hide behind the tarp while attacking our trash bag in the back of Jim's truck.


  1. warning sign-Ya think! you'll have to get tucker his own chair. I can "rough it" as long as there is a nice shower house.just be glad it was a racoon and not skunk.i'm jealous don't think i've seen as beautiful a sunrise when i camp.camping naps are great.

  2. We did discuss that we will take the other chair we have for Tucker next time. I have to agree that having a clean shower/bathroom made it all tolerable. The sunrise was a nice excuse to get up early.