Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 5 Ways to Avoid/Cure Baby Fever

5.DO NOT choose a major that requires you to study child development/parenting philosophies... in other words anything that makes you consider parenting choices and become opinionated on how to raise children before it is time to actually start having said children.
4. STOP communicating with your friends/family members who have recently had or will be having babies. They will inevitably have baby showers which will force you to look at totally adorable baby items. THEN they will post adorable pictures of the cute little one doing absolutely nothing and being so stinking cute at it.
3. QUIT working with ridiculously cute kids that will constantly remind you how amazing kids are. You will feel a surge of pride with each new accomplishment, the first time they say your name (Insee is what I am commonly called), and then when they develop their own little personality!! You will just want to video tape it and brag about how great they are.
2. SUE the baby industry for making their items too cute. Tell me that mini versions of grown up things don't make you wish you could know the gender of your future children before you are even pregnant. (My practical side won't let me buy anything that isn't gender neutral). And if you have already gotten rid of those friends with/expecting babies you can avoid this department all together.
1. DON'T marry a man who is as ready to have children as you are. It would be helpful if I had a "voice of reason" instead of a "a baby would be great".

That being said I have allowed myself one purchase. They were on sale, completely appropriate, and I figure they can be worn by either a boy or a girl.

*Disclaimer all advice given with thick sarcasm as I have failed on all counts*


  1. Babies/kids ARE wonderful, and I can remember that longing SO WELL. I was ready to be a mom before I was ready to be married, I think. But as soon as Larry and I got married my maternal instincts went into overdrive.
    Every time I read one of your posts though, I am reminded how precious and fleeting the time that you are Jim are sharing now is. Soak it up and treasure it for the blessing it is! Obviously by your posts, you do...but just remember once you are a mom, you will never belong just to Jim again.

  2. Kim- I do keep reminding myself the pros of waiting and it helps that I realize once we have children I will also no longer be Jim's only either. It is just difficult to remember these things when I work with such great kids & have to give advice on development every day!

  3. If anyone has a fussy or difficult baby/toddler we would love to babysit them for you for a few hours!

  4. Too cute! Hindsight speaking: Yes, do continue to enjoy & treasure "Jim & I" time as it is precious young love time that you will never experience again(at this age). Wouldn't trade you girls for anything but one regret is that Dad & I didn't have time "us" time. You will be a terrific mom when that day arrives!