Friday, May 28, 2010


Every once in awhile something happens that reminds me how lucky I am. So I thought it would be nice to review a whole mushy list of reasons I think Jim is great!
1.) He indulges/tolerates my guilty pleasures even though he doesn't like them (make that HATE for Gossip Girl).
2.) He will (with only minor begging) bring me food at work when I have forgotten my lunch and don't have time to leave the office.
3.) When I stay at the office late & he is home he gets bored and cleans. He even folds the laundry, which I appreciate even if it isn't the way I would fold it. (Crazy that there are methods you never even saw out there isn't it!)
4.) He cooks, and not just easy foods but great meals. He even takes requests... and I can be difficult when choosing food and change my mind often.
5.) He does not complain (much) when I wake him up early because I can't sleep anymore. (I have learned if I bring coffee he responds more quickly).
6.) He is the ultimate body pillow. When I can't get comfy I just make him turn, move his arm, scoot over so I can have more room. He doesn't even complain when I am a wiggle worm or have to watch P.S. I love you  two weeks in a row to be able to fall asleep and never once get past the first scene.
7.) He listens to me make my insanely in depth plans about our future. (Seriously I have these things written down in very great detail and discuss time lines frequently).
8.) He gives me huge hugs and tells me how wonderful I am when I have bad days. He even picks my favorite food/movie without me having to ask to cheer me up.
9.) We are great on road trips/adventures together. The first time we went somewhere traveling together I was so surprised how easy it was to agree on our activities. It hasn't faded yet!
10.)He tolerates my obsession with Pottery Barn and how I cut out pictures from their magazine and keep them in a notebook for design inspiration for our future home (see #7).

There are so many more reasons. I am so completely spoiled and I know it. I love you dear.

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