Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Beautiful Path

    As you know I love the beach.... but my favorite picture to snap is always one of the path leading towards the water. This was my first picture of this sort taken on our family vacation to Myrtle in 2007. I think I took like 10 photos trying to get it just how I had imagined in my head.
I was so enamored with it that one of my only request for our wedding photos was one of my flowers lying on the boardwalk leading to the beach. It turned out exactly as I had imagined. Thanks David!

 These are a few of the others.... I plan to continue this trend.

Myrtle Beach 44th Ave N. A bit blurry but I like it.

Huntington Beach State Park.
I feel there is so much beauty in everything leading up to the beach that is usally overlooked, but it tends to hold more beauty for me. Some more of my favorites from over the years.

Do you tend to gravitate towards a certain type or focus of photographs?

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