Monday, May 3, 2010


    With the nice warm weather it was time to take a trip to the beach. Last year we bought a pass to the state parks. It was only $50 for a year, when it is normally $5 per person per trip, and it is good for all state parks. Our favorite is Huntington Beach State Park as it is normally less crowded and has castle ruins and beautiful dunes. There is also a large marshy area where alligators tend to hang out (Jim's favorite part).
This day it did not disappoint. There were many alligators and they were very active. We stopped both before and after we went to the beach to check them out.
This was one of the more scary moments. The alligator was just swimming along and then arched his head and tail out of the water and made a loud growling sound and swam our way. Click here to hear it, menacing if you don't know what it is, huh. Needless to say me and the three children near us all backed up a few steps. Jim and the dad decided that it wasn't aggressive just an attempt to court the other alligator.
This beautiful marsh is the home to all these toothy reptiles.

Don't think this is the pond to go swimming in.

They were not phased at all by human presence and didn't even acknowledge the small crowd gathered to watch them. There was a point where one alligator started to climb the rocks that led to the side walk. You will excuse me for not sticking around to get that picture won't you? The little boy next to us was asking his dad questions like.. 'Why are they here daddy?' 'What are they doing daddy?' ' Daddy why are they following us?' Dad answered 'They're just swimming' and 'You look like dinner'. Big surprise when the alligator growled the little boy couldn't get away fast enough. Jim didn't even flinch when they came close claiming several times (jokingly I hope) 'What? I think I could handle them. I've watched Gator 911.' or 'I have knife in my truck.' Yes... because I think the alligator will wait for you to run to your truck before attacking us. Fair fighting is probably the first thing mommy alligators teach their children, right before they teach them how to chew with their mouths closed.


  1. I really think I could have taken them! Either way I was happy I got to see them. But I did really enjoy going to the beach with you. And for the record, I asked if you wanted me to get the knife out of my truck before we went/ got close to the gators! But next time hopefully we get the same wind and the kite is set up better before we leave!

  2. wow we going to hilton head over july 4. my biggest fear is the gators... ugh

  3. Hi guys, this is great.Made me smile. Love Ya Aunt chelle