Tuesday, May 4, 2010

South Carolina Wildlife

     So I thouroughly enjoy getting to see the new (to me that is) and interesting wildlife here in South Carolina... HOWEVER with all the other animals come the bugs! I hate bugs... my theory is anything with more than four legs or less than two you should avoid. I do hold an interest for them though... it's the biologist in me I guess. This is one I have not seen before. I found it crawling (inching?!) up the wall outside our apartment.

Looks like a caterpillar but with wood chips on its back?! I don't know it has been out there for several days inching around with its woody shell... that or there are multiple I am not sure. I have not seen more than one at one time. Anyone else have any ideas on what this is or why it is carrying around such a large, strangely shaped shell?


  1. It's a bagworm. The females are always in their bag; they never leave it. She's probably getting somewhere safe so she can lay her egss. The males have wings and fly away (they are a species of moth).

  2. Ahh see Blogs are educational! Thanks Jody! I've learned so much this week.