Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HCFR Awards Banquet 2011

A few weeks ago Jim and I attended the HCFR Awards Banquet. I have not had the opportunity to attend one since we have been here. They took the time to honor those who had gone above and beyond. It was very heartwarming to hear the stories as often we hear only negative. They also gave out the Stork Award and Phoenix Award. The first for those who delivered a child and the second for those that brought someone back who had been dead in which the patient was discharged from the hospital alive. I am happy to report there were several Stork Awards and MANY MANY Phoenix Awards. While no one wants to need such services it is reassuring to know that so many lives were saved.
Jim received a pin for becoming a part of the Tactical Medic program.

The members of  Team Horry received the Unit Citation award for representing HCFR in both performance and community service throughout the 2010 season. The individuals and relay teams placed well at the Scott World Firefighter Combat Challenge which was held here at Broadway at the Beach this past November and will be held here again in 2011.

Our good friend Mike Fitzgerald was awarded Firefighter of the Year!
 Michael Medeiros who is the captain of Team Horry received the Administrative Officer of the Year Award. 
 Timothy Rainbolt received the Officer of the Year Award

Afterward there was food and refreshments and socializing (which means the firemen talked fire). I look forward to attending these again in the future.

Click HERE to  see what the criteria are for receiving awards.

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