Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not One But Two

This Saturday was beautiful and relaxing. Myrtle Beach has reached Spring more quickly this year than last. We are already experiencing warm almost hot days, being covered in a thick coat of yellow pollen, and budding plants! My very own container garden is moving along rather nicely. I noticed my first bit of a sprout Friday afternoon. When I went to admire the little thing Saturday morning I noticed something new.... it had a leaf too.
 When I went to water the plants in the afternoon I noticed my first sprout had a little friend... that popped up rather quickly as it was not there earlier and is now out and bigger than the first!
 Tucker likes hanging out with me outside.
 We experienced a "megamoon" last night. I thought with as bright as it was I would be able to get a good picture... unfortunately this is the best I could do with my camera.

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  1. I think this last photo proves that I need an even better camera... one that I can change the shutter speed for night pictures?! :D