Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I am barely able to contain my excitement about my growing "garden". I am already daydreaming about picking the food and how I will use them. Today I noticed yet another sprout... I feel like they are growing so quickly when I was bracing myself with a long wait before seeing any growth.
I had originally planted 5 seeds in this particular pot and today while searching for the other two possible sprouts on the surface did find a fourth seed. I poked lightly at the dirt around it hoping to see a green stem as with the very first. Unfortunately there was no stem so I pushed it softly back into the soil hoping it is just taking it's time.
My ducky couple was back again, for both breakfast and dinner. As it is a cooler and more windy than yesterday they must be hiding somewhere sheltered as I have not noticed their usual paddling around the pond today.
 Scarlet has a great interest in our ducks as well... although I do not believe her motivation or intentions are quite as friendly as mine. Friday she got out and chased them to the edge of the pond where she waited and watched while meowing at them. Instead she grudgingly watches them from the window.
 She will remain there and watch as they finish their meal.
 I think she heard me taking pictures.

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